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Why choose an aircon service contractor?

Nowadays all the houses and industrial areas across the world are having an air conditioner. Aircon plays an important role in those places. so the air conditioner is a crucial thing for all houses. By using aircon we can adjust the inside home temperatures.

In Singapore available various brands and models, such brands are having more features. the air conditioners cost is based on their features and brand value. these branded air conditioners is more popular and trusted by Singaporeans. Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Midea, Panasonic, York, Sharp, Lg, and Gree.

how to maintain an air conditioner?

Air conditioner maintenance is too difficult for us. because we do have not enough time to maintain. in the home men and women, both were working now. so how is that possible to the proper maintenance of the air conditioner? if not maintain well that aircon cause major problems like; water leakage, gas leakage, slow cooling, noisy problem, compressor repair, etc. in Singapore lot of air conditioner contractor for residential and commercial aircon service.

Aircon contractor best for you?

the air conditioner is an expensive thing, If do anything wrong with that may it will be broken or repair. better is service with aircon professional they know that to do in aircon. else if you do own with the reference on a youtube video, it will go wrong. then the choice is yours. and the main thing is a contractor maintain your aircon with the time interval

  1. 3 tier aircon service ( yearly 3 times )
  2. 4 tier yearly aircon ( yearly 4 times )

Service of aircon is an important one for all types of aircon. commercial air conditioner needs 3 months services. but residential air conditioner needs 4 months once service. Problems arise in the aircon due to the environment and power supply given to the aircon.

what are the benefits of aircon service contract?

in this aircon service contract, you can save more, compare to one-time service, approximately you can save 50$ per year. if you do regular service your air conditioner working a long time.

what problem commonly arisen in airconditioner?

  • cooling and heating problem
  • water leakage issue
  • compressor repair
  • fan coil repair
  • Fan blower repair
  • thermostat problem
  • Airfilter problem