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Why Regular Aircon Maintenance for Our Office is a Must?


Singapore is actually at the equator, so the climate should be so hot in that country. Then the usage of aircon in Singapore is also so high. Especially in the office, the usage of aircon is so offices, the aircon is not maintained properly when compared to homes. When the aircon is not serviced it does not produce cooling to the workspace and it gives discomfort to the workers. To get comfort in office workspace does the regular aircon maintenance for your aircon.

Cleaning the air filter

Unchanged filters cause a cooling problem and other health issues. These filters hold bacteria and dust from air and also it blocks the flow of air to your cleaning of air filter in aircon is so important. Filters also protect the internal components of the unit.

Checking the airflow from the unit

Checks the airflow from the unit. Whether it produces proper cooling to your offices. When there a fluctuating in airflow in the aircon means it has some issues on it needs aircon professional attention.

Check the condenser unit

The condenser unit is situated outside it helps to bring cool air to inside and it also collects debris and dust from the condenser unit is clogged by these particles, it will not work do the regular aircon service to avoid these types of problems.

Check for rust and corrosion

Check your aircon for any signs of rust and corrosion. Because a small amount of rust and corrosion in the aircon is treated easily by doing a chemical wash and chemical overhaul process, but the high amount of corrosion and rust causes a severe problem to your needs immediate professional attention to solve the problem. So do the regular aircon service to the aircon unit in an office to avoid replacement cost and severe issues. When you do aircon service properly it works fine and long-lasting when compared to your workers.