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Aircon Not Cooling ? How to Fix it ?

Aircon Not cooling ? If your aircon is not cooling properly , There will be a lot of major reasons that could be why the aircon is not cold enough but No worries , Here we simply give the best tips to solve this issue quickly , so if your aircon is not cold at home/office ? Keep following the below tips, So that you will enjoy the cooling in your place. 

The reasons of aircon not cooling : 

If your aircon is not cold enough, There could be a number of reasons why your aircon is taking longer to cool your home/office.

  • Aircon Not properly Installed : It could be that the aircon is not installed properly for your home/office. then aircon gives less performance without high potential power. So do professional aircon installation with the help of experienced technicians to get an efficient cooling. #airconservicing
  • Dirty air Filter : Check the air filter. If it is dirty, it can restrict air flow and make the unit work harder, which can prevent it from cooling properly. So do filter cleaning constantly to avoid the airflow restrict and get a fresh cooling.
  • Evaporator dirt or Frozen : Check the evaporator coils. If they are frozen or dirty, it can prevent proper heat exchange from taking place, which can also prevent the unit from cooling properly.  So check evaporator coils if they form more accumulated dirt or from frozen, then clean them quickly. Because it’s restricted to providing efficient cooling. If your aircon encounters this issue, do proper service by a professional.  #airconservicesingapore
  • Dirty Condenser : Check the condenser coils. If they are dirty, they can also prevent proper heat exchange from taking place, which can again prevent the unit from cooling properly. 
  • Thermistor Faulty : Is your aircon not cold? It might be one of the reasons why your thermistor might be faulty. So if your aircon thermistor is faulty, replace the thermostat to get even cooler. 

If you have checked all of these things and the unit still isn’t cooling properly, you may need to have it serviced by a professional. #airconrepair

So, If your aircon is not cooling? The above-indicated issues are the main reason why your aircon is not cooling properly. When you notice that, you should contact the professionals to solve the issue, if you neglect the issue, then it might be a major problem. And then another suggestion is to avoid the low cooling issue, Should do chemical cleaning to solve that issue. 


  • Does aircon chemical cleaning and steam wash prevent my low cooling issue ?

Yes, But chemical cleaning is best compared to steam wash. The chemical solution completely removes the dirt, dust, fungus, etc., so it will be the best choice to prevent the low cooling issue. 

  • Is poor maintenance creating a low cooling issue?

Yes, Should do aircon service properly to avoid the low cooling issue and save the repair cost. If you think you could not do proper maintenance , then you could take an aircon servicing contract. So that the expert will take care of your aircon properly and you save your time & money.    

  • Should I concern if my aircon form ice-build up, circuit problem or thermistor fault

Yes, These issues should Concern, when your aircon is not cold enough. So if your aircon encounters these issues, then contact professionals to solve the issue before it arises.


Is your aircon not cooling? or any other issues? You could contact Cool Care aircon service in Singapore. We are here to provide the best solution for all your aircon issues. Our technicians are well-trained experts, so they will easily diagnose your aircon issues and solve them professionally & quickly. For an appointment, please contact us at +65 9002 4773. 

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