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Does your Aircon have a Noise Issue? How to fix it?

Nowadays one of the common aircon problems is aircon making noise. The aircon noise issue might be multiple parts fault in the inside aircon unit or If Your aircon may run without aircon servicing. When you hear a different kind of noise from your aircon unit. then you could hire technical experts (experienced people) to troubleshoot the noise issue. and here we indicate the various noise issues from your aircon so that you could easily find the aircon problem and solve it. 

Here are some of the common sounds of your aircon system :


The Banging noise commonly affects the air conditioner. It may occur if your aircon indoor blower is unbalanced. and This issue might indicate your aircon compressor replacement. So when you hear the banging sound, you should get advice from a technical expert. (#airconrepair)


Clanking is another sign of loose or imbalanced parts. The aircon compressor may itself become loose or need replacement. And This sound can also mean that an indoor blower or outdoor fan may hit the parts. This type of issue may create a big problem If you ignore that. So when you hear the Clanking sound, then you should solve the issue with a technical expert. (#airconservicing)


Clicking sound at the startup and shutdown of the unit is normal (basic). However, you have a problem if you hear a clicking sound that is either constant or getting faster from your Aircon. So Based on the situation, you may also fix the problem itself or you could get advice from a professional expert. (#airconservice)


  • If Loose inside parts
  • If Debris in either the indoor or outdoor unit
  • If Fan motor fail in outdoor unit
  • If The blower is unbalanced
  • If The compressor need to be clean



A humming sound commonly isn’t serious, but it still signals that something inside your aircon is off. and if the Aircon unit Sometimes can be a loose part or a refrigerant issue causing the vibration that produces the humming sound. So if your aircon has a humming noise, you should contact a professional expert to solve the issue. (#airconnoiseissue)

How to fix the aircon Noise Issue?

The solution to the aircon noise issue is first you should Maintain the aircon properly with a professional servicing contractor. Because  The professional technician will be able to detect any underlying problems and prevent the issue before arsing. If you Skip the aircon service, then you will definitely face aircon repair like these issues. Cool Care aircon service company provides the best aircon servicing and best solution contractor to solve all types of aircon problems. Cause, Our technicians are more experienced persons, so they will easily diagnose the issue and resolve it quickly.