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When my aircon affect? How Should I solve it?

When is your aircon affected by an issue? If you did not do aircon service for your aircon right? Just imagine that compared to before the aircon service and after the aircon service. Definitely, you can see the difference right? If you follow the aircon servicing, it prevents your aircon, avoid aircon issue, and save your repair cost, etc., If you did not do aircon servicing. you might face a lot of an issue with your aircon. 

Here we mention the aircon issue possible to arise from your aircon if you skip the aircon service. 

Common aircon issues are – Aircon Not cold enough, Aircon error code, Aircon water leak, Compressor Repair, Gas leakage, Bad odor, Electrcibil high and Unexpectedly spare parts break, etc.,

These aircon problems are commonly happening in your aircon when you Overlook your aircon. This issue is faced in your aircon? you can get the best advice from professional assistance and can do aircon servicing to prevent the aircon problem. 


Significance of aircon: why aircon servicing?

In Singapore, we are well known for aircon significance, right?

So, We need to give importance to our aircon as much as the aircon gives us the importance.  Every part is to has a unique performance to the execution of the aircon. By serving we can increase the efficiency of the aircon and Prevent the parts break. Just think, If your aircon spare part is broken. after that, your aircon can not work right?. then you spend with replacing the old spare parts. It’s all about unwanted tensions right?

But No Worries, If your aircon affect by an issue of spare parts, water leak, noise issue, not cold, etc.,   Just go for choosing a professional aircon service company and get more advice and solve your aircon troubles.

If you follow the aircon servicing, We ensure you can not ready to face the aircon problems. If did not face any aircon issues, you can feel less tension, chill air, and prevent health hazards right? So On this day to save our aircon and our tension to about by doing aircon servicing. 

We Suggest, that how often should be done the aircon service?

These days various services to be done to protect your aircon.

  1.  If aircon general service to be done 3 to 4 month once.
  2.  If aircon Chemical wash to be done 6 to 7 months once.
  3.  If aircon Chemical Overhaul to be done yearly once.
  4.  If aircon Steam Cleaning is to be done 5 to 6 months once.
  5.  If aircon Gas Top-up to be done if the refrigerant is low
  6. If your aircon repair to get assistance from professionalist

Note: As we mentioned previously aircon issues, if you are not ready to face that, you should do aircon servicing properly and You can keep your aircon for long years, and save your cost for spending repair.

We are here to solve your aircon problem and save your aircon by doing an aircon service for your aircon. If your aircon has any issue, just take Cool Care and get a better solution quickly. CoolCare is always to being here to serve better performance to customer satisfaction.