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Aircon Thermistor Problem? How to fix it?

The thermistor is one of the electrical components. They are in the products we use in our daily life. The component is located between the condenser unit and the fan coil. An aircon thermistor is a kind of temperature sensor. The thermistor mostly we can found in modern systems. The power of the current comes at different temperatures so that the thermistor detects temperatures and sends a signal to the aircon control module.

Types of Thermistors :

                      Aircon thermostats are used to turn on the air temperature and measure the supply. Aircon thermistor replacement cost also low. There are two types of thermistors

                      (i)-Indoor Unit                    (ii)-Outdoor Unit

Thermistors in Indoor Unit :

                       This is found inside the indoor unit. This thermistor is used to control the temperature from the evaporator coil.

Thermistors in Outdoor Unit :

                        These thermistors are found inside the outdoor unit. The thermistor is the appendant of the end of the copper unit. If any problem occurs there it will indicate the motherboard system then maximum chance available to shut down the system.

Major reasons for Thermistor repair :

                         Thermostat repair is often absent but there are two big chances that Thermistare will fail. Either dust thermostat repair will happen another one is defrayed and cut wires.

How to fix :

                         If a thermistor is repairing is also an easy way to find it. That too is very easy to find in the modern air conditioner. If some repair in the indoor unit is a light blink in a variety of colors. In the case of thermistor repair due to an electrical problem, the easiest way is to know the thermistor capacity using the multimeter.

Conclusion :  

                        Finally, we saw how to thermistor repaired it and figured it out. In this case, our cool care has experienced technicians to handle your complicated system’s problem. we offered excellent aircon service for all kinds of aircon brands at a reasonable price.