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Cool Care is one of the Leading aircon installation companies in Singapore. We offer best ac installation for all HDB, Bto, Commercial, Offices, Landed, Condo , resale customers etc., 

#Airconinstallationsingapore : We provide premium installation with our experienced technicians. And Before air con installation, Our team of experienced and certified technicians will be able to advise you on the most suitable aircon system for your residential or commercial by doing FREE SITE SURVEY , So that you could get the best quotation with us.

We offer all models and systems like System 1 . System 2, System 3 and System 4 and above in Split & Centralized type of aircon. So that you could easily get a free quote with us at your preferred brand (We support all aircon brands). 

For the past decades, we have done more than 1000+ aircon installations. Still, We strive to do top-notch aircond installation wherever you live in Singapore. So, If you’re ready to cool down and enjoy the comfort of an air conditioner in Singapore, contact Cool Care today at +65 90235452. We’ll be Pleasure to provide you with a free quote, and we look forward to best Servicing you.

Aircon installation

Air con Installation

Cool Care will provide reliable air conditioner installation for all customers in Singapore. Get your Favorite aircon brand and expected aircon offers with us at +65 90235452.

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We give 100% customer satisfaction will  provide by instant AC Service, aircon  Installation, aircon troubleshooting, quick booking, etc.

Exerienced technican's

Cool Care has more experienced technicians with  BCA certified for doing air con service and AC Installation.

certified technican

Coolcare is properly licensed and certified to provide service and air con installation in all places of HDB, Condo and Commercial in all over Singapore.


Cool Care provides a trusted workmanship warranty for each aircon servicing. Our technicians will always provide the best workmanship to reach customer expectations.

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Promotion Price Of AC INSTALLATION

  • Choose right place for installation
  • Then Fix the mounting plate and drill the outlet hole
  • Fix the indoor unit properly by expert advice 
  • Fixing the brackets
  • Fix the outdoor unit properly based on indoor unit
  • Connecting the wires 
  • Connecting copper pipe 
  • Check circuit connection 
  • Check the Best air con installation is done properly

Buy best aircon with us

We are one of the best aircon companies in Singapore. We have more experienced technicians so we ensure to provide the best Air cond installation . Get a quick installation with us at the type of split and centralized aircon unit for all customers in Singapore. 


Factors to consider before an Air con Installation

Do not do an Installation before exploring your location. It’s a case to Occur several mistakes during Installation time. Overcome by The coolcare will provide a free site survey before Installing the aircon. Our expert engineer will clearly explain to you about aircon and pipe connections, etc., So that way, we avoid the Air cond  Installation Troubles. 

Air conditioner prices

We using Fully Upgraded Material for installation  as below:

  • 22g copper piping
  • Keystone wire
  • 1/2 inch class 0 armaflex
  • 16mm drainage pipe with insulation
  • Singapore certified trunking.

TypeS of aircon installation

We provide all types of aircon with support for all aircon brands. We additionally more supported aircon type split and Centralized aircon all over Singapore. Cause, These two types of aircon are supported all residential and commercial in the performance is quieter.

The split air conditioner consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. We provide all types of split air-conditioned at a reasonable price too. The benefits of can install the aircon in multiple rooms and control the individual room temperature.

Split aircon installation


centralized air conditioner commercial type aircon, so it mostly install the commercial buildings, schools, colleges and offices. one larger cooling systems, makes the cool air and it delivers to every location on building through the ac duct and vent.

Centralized aircon Installation


Why do people first prioritize Best AC Installation with us?

  Good workmanship

  Reasonable price

  More experienced technical persons

  Easily book the appointment

  High-quality aircon service.

  WhatsApp customer support

Our Recent Air Conditioner Installation Works


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  Choose Correct BTU

  Choose Top aircon brand

  Check Upgraded Material

  Choose Energy Efficient Brand

  Check Warranty – Fan coil

  Check Warranty – Compressor and Workmanship


Choose the correct BTU size for your place:

One of the important things for AC installation is selecting the Correct BTU before Installation. When you choose the correct BTU size for your aircon, It help easily you could find the best aircon price and save electricity charge.

The BTU size to here for your reference for aircon Installation guide :

  • Small Room – is sufficient for 9000 (9k BTU) 
  • Medium room – is considered for 9000 and 12000 (9k and 12k BTU) Master bedroom – is recommend for 12000 (12k BTU) 
  • Living room – is sufficient for 18000 (18k BTU) 
  • Big Room – is considered for 24000 (24k BTU) 
  • Dining plus living room – is recommended for 24000 (24k BTU)

The 5-ticks measure system is energy efficient rating for Installation. It helps with high energy consumption to save your electricity bill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible price with quick installation. Experienced technicians will install a new Aircon quickly.

Yes we have a workmanship, compressor , fan coil warranty available.

Kindly check with our team regarding new offers.

Yes we have a free site survey available for installation

Yes that price includes with installation

Kindly check with our team for available dates for installation.

  • 22g copper piping
  • Keystone wire
  • 1/2 inch class 0 armaflex
  • 16mm drainage pipe with insulation
  • Singapore certified trunking.
  • Do not run AC in overtime
  • Regular aircon service to save your electricity and clean the filter
  • Set the right temperature
  • Clean the evaporator coil
  • Properly Maintenance of Condenser coil
  • Do not miss aircon service for your aircon

If your aircon is almost reached 10 to 12 years old you should replace it. Cause when your aircon is too old, then you could not get efficient cooling and performance, and then you might lose cost to troubleshooting. So better suggestion you should replace it.

For residential, the split type of aircon is best for all rooms. the room considers split aircon in various sizes based on room size calculation and chooses the right size of aircon to get best cooling.

For commercial aircon installation is you should take the aircon based on location. If your location is small you take split aircon and if the place is large , you should take centralized aircon unit.

  • Do not choose wrong size of aircon
  • Do not choose unprofessional technician
  • Do not choose wrong place to install the aircon
    Failure to Insulate
    Thermistor wrong position
  • Choose the best aircon brand
  • Choose right size of BTU
  • Choose EER brand
    Check Warranty
  • Should engage with professional aircon service company

Our Special Aircon Promotion

Exclusive offer

We provide the Special aircon promotion for the type of split and centralized aircon

Daikin Aircon

Daikin aircon r32

Midea Aircon

Midea Aircon promotion

Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi Aircon

Panasonic Aircon

Panasonic Aircon Promotion


Currently we offer “ FREE SITE SURVEY ” before installation. if you are not install the aircon before or don’t know about Air con installation, Don’t  worry just book an appointment with us. We have a experienced aircon engineers team for AC installation. Our company supports all brands and 5-ticks models.

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