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Aircon Installation Guide | Before Air conditioner Purchase

The aircon is helping us by the way of from the heat in Singapore. A lot of people are involved and excited to install the aircon.If you want to install the aircon? but you don’t know the actual proper way of installation? You have no worries about that. Here we will briefly explain about the aircon installation guide. In that way, you could get an idea of how to buy the aircon and hire the right person for that.


(Before the Installation you should need to know about the aircon installation guide, then only you can get the best aircon and save your aircon cost without unnecessary spending for that)

Users are commonly confused about things before picking an aircon

A lot of people’s want to expect the right way of aircon installation. Some of the people decide to install the aircon, but they are don’t know about which aircon is best for our place , and how to find it right?. These day’s so many factors are following to choose the right aircon and right aircon installation person in Singapore. So after reading this guide line,  hope you are not able to confuse about that. 

Common Guidelines for before engaging with an aircon installation :

The best aircon installation will give us many features and help to get better cooling performance without any troubles. Obviously, everyone expects that right? if you are in the person of expect that? to follow the given below common guidelines for aircon installation.

  • First, decide where do you want to install the aircon: If you want to do aircon installation for your residential or commercial, etc., think of the basic idea for choosing the right place for installation.
  • If you haven’t any idea about that, you can hire professional experts to choose an appropriate place for installation.
  • The right place for installation to properly insert the indoor and outdoor unit and also save our energy efficiency. 
  • Second, decide which type of aircon you want to install for your place: We well know that various aircon types are sold in this air conditioner marketing. But all aircon types are not suitable for all places. Every aircon type has uniqueness and features. Furtherly, the space only decides to choose the aircon type. So you need to know which type of aircon is suitable for your place.

For example:

  •  If you are searching the aircon types for residential, you can Go for SPLIT AIRCON INSTALLATION. (Basically, residential square feet is enough to install the split type of aircon)
  • If you are searching the aircon types for Commercial, you can Go for the SPLIT or CENTRALIZED type of aircon based on location space. (Some of the commercial spaces are suitable for installing the split type of aircon but if the commercial space is too large you must go to centralized aircon installation. A centralized type of aircon only gives the best even cooling in large spaces) 


When you decide to select the right type of aircon for your place. Then, only you could search to get the best models and BTU size of aircon for your space. (If you buy an unsuitable type of aircon and size of aircon, after the installation your aircon chance to create many issues, so before the installation should check the type of aircon, models, and size)


The split aircon has a single split and multi-split aircon

Single split consists of one compressor to connect to Fan coil

Multi-split consist of One compressor to connect two or four fan coil unit

Split aircon suitable for Home

Energy Efficient (EER)

Quiet performance

This type of aircon has to be installed at the top of the ceiling.

The location of the aircon is considered the compressor is located outside and the fan coil is located inside of the ceiling.

Centralized type of aircon suitable for commercial and condominiums

Reliable & effective

Energy Efficient (can get cooling evenly)

  • Third, Choose an Energy-efficient aircon brand: You can easily get Energy efficiency by getting 5Ticks of aircon system. 
  • Four, decide to get top aircon brands in Singapore:  Here we let us give the best top energy-saving aircon brands. For aircon installation, Singapore is sold in a leading brand of DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI, MIDEA, AND PANASONIC. 

The below top four brands are the best selling in Singapore. We can buy any one of the brands of Four. Cause, it all has unique features and has advanced technics.


Energy-efficient, Built in WI-FI and quiet performance


Energy-efficient, No maintenance issue in the future, and Quiet performance


Cheaper compared to other brands. Like equal to Daikin & Mitsubishi, and Eco friendly 


Uniqueness, stylish, air purification system and will give cooling based on human activity in the sunlight by using ECONAVI Sensor.


FIVE, Choose Correct BTU Size of aircon: It’s vital prominent to buy the right size of aircon. If you are buying an unsized aircon for your place, your aircon can make many issues and increase your electrical charge.

BTU stands for British thermal unit. It calculates the space to install the right aircon. Do you are confused about which BTU is suitable for your place or Do you think how do I know it? No worries, 

If you search for the right BTU for your home space? 

To go 9K(9000X1) for room, to go 9K12K(9000X1,12000X1) for room & Master bedroom, To go 9K9K18K(9000X2, 18000X1) for 2 rooms & 1 living and 9K9K9K18K(9000X3,18000X1) for 3 rooms & 1living. If your living is quite big or your living + dining are attached together to go for 9K9K9K24K(9000X3,24000X1). 

In this type, BTU is best suitable for residential use. If you search for the right BTU for Commercial you check with experts by doing a site visit.

Please note: what material used for aircon installation

If you are planning to do aircon installation for your place, before that you should know about the aircon materials. Cause, the aircon materials are vital prominent to install the aircon. Upon completion of installation, you expect that your aircon has run probably near 10 years right?. So you should know the aircon materials. In the market, a lot of materials are sold but you should know trusted materials and can buy it. That helps to give long years of extension.

Installation Material List

  • PVC Drainage Pipe – (Size, standard 13mm diameter & Upgradable 16mm diameter). This pipe is attached to the indoor unit and works to drain the condensed water.
  • Armaflex Insulation – (½ inch insulation & ⅜ inch insulation) aircon installation considered to use thicker insulation. Thick insulation helps to prevent water leak by absorbing condensation from a water pipe.
  • Electrical Wire Cable – (It has two models like 3 core 40 wires and 3 core 70 wires) The recommendation of such two models is to use 3 core 70 wires.
  • Copper PipeThe working of copper pipe is to transport the refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units. The suggestion to buy the copper pipe is G22 instead of G23. Because G22 is thicker it helps prevent gas leakage.  
  • BracketsThe bracket is for compressors, so normally for aircon installation to prefer stainless steel brackets. Cause, it’s more quality and secure too. 
  • TrunkingTrunking is for hiding all used aircon materials . so get certified trunking and trunking more details by hiring professional aircon service company experts. 

The mentioned materials are normally what we want to know before the aircon installation. 

Important factors to check with Contractor before the aircon installation  :

  • Check if the contractor persons are certified & Licensed
  • Check If the aircon service is quick assistance 
  • Check aircon warranty extensions
  • Check aircon prices & Privileges
  • If your Home is HDB. Check with a contractor if your HDB higher electrical load or not

Aircon Installation in few basic principles | HDB, Condo and Commercial :

For HDB – > new installation or replacement of old aircon, first select how many rooms are you want to install your aircon. If your HDB is new, the flat comes with an aircon ledge. or is old HDB you might be installing a new ledge for the compressor. Then you can decide your budget based on the aircon system. 

If you have an aircon already but you think to add one more aircon in your HDB, you should check if your HDB is allowed two compressors. And also If you have never installed the aircon before in your HDB. You should check if your HDB is higher electrical loading before the aircon installation

For Condo – > If your Home is Condo, You should do a site inspection by a professional. Cause, condo expect to do concealed work and concealed piping removing, etc., So new aircon Installation or replacement of old aircon, you should get advise from a professional aircon service company and then will get a proper installation. 

For Commercial – > If you are searching for the aircon / will expect to do aircon installation for Commercial. You should do a site visit. The experts to help you, after viewing your location that which type of aircon is suitable for your location, and which size of BTU is suitable for your space, etc. So definitely you could get the best suggestion and best aircon installation from professional experts / professional aircon service company.

Additionally, to know replacement of old aircon :

Do you think when to do replacement of old aircon? or do you confused about when have should be replaced old aircon? No worries, here we guide you about that. If your aircon working almost around 10 to 12 years near. You should think to replace that.  Because the old aircon will give more trouble so that we might spend more repair cost and certain period aircon will not ready to do the chemical service as well. Then you could not get efficient cooling. So the old aircon might create more troubles and tension for you. 

The best suggestion for an old aircon: If you have an old aircon near 10 to 12 years, the best suggestion of you should replace it by following the guide of above lines. Then you could lessen your tension, repair cost, and get fresh cooling air without around heat. 

Things to look out for while aircon installation :

  • Check wall whether it is strong or not to hold the aircon 
  • Give right space in between indoor and wall 
  • Give correct height of aircon from ground
  • Properly connect the piping in-between fan coil to compressor
  • Install the compressor  based on fan coil located
  • Will do proper circuit board connect

Which factors should abstain before aircon installation :

The important factor has that you should not do it before the aircon installation to save your aircon, save your spending and get proper cooling. 

  • Abstain to buy an aircon with an unprofessional/uncertified aircon company 
  • Abstain to buy the improper size of aircon 
  • Abstain to do an installation without a site inspection 
  • Abstain to buy low-quality materials 
  • Abstain to buy improper insulation | wire
  • Abstain to choose the wrong place to install the aircon 

These factors are more important to abstain before doing the aircon installation. 

We hope now you can get the best guide after reading this brief explanation. If you look forward to doing aircon installation or replacement of old aircon, you can just hire cool care for that. Cool Care will provide more privileges by doing aircon installation and will give the aircon promotion at a reasonable price. Further details If you want to know more about aircon installation, you can feel free to contact cool care at +65 8712 8795. Cool care is always here to give the best service for you.