We provide high quality aircon service in reasonable price for HDB / BTO Flats, Condo, Residential, Commercial spaces.

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Coolcare is one of Singapore’s best aircon service companies. We provides as your expected aircon needs like aircon Installation and aircon servicing. Have 10+ years experienced aircon technicians, So we provide highly quality and professional aircon installation and aircon service. We do both split and centralized aircon service on all locations in singapore.

Coolcare offers a premium quality aircon installation  for HDB/BTO Flats , Condominium and other commercial areas in singapore. Book an aircon service appointment as per your available time. We supports all type of aircon problem such as cooling issues, gas leakage issues, noisy problem,  error code problems , compressor problem, Other problems etc…

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What Services We Provides?

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We do a premium aircon installation on your favourite brand as per your wish. We have a free site so our team will fully assist you with what brand that suits you most.We install both centralized and split air conditioner on all popular brands.

Why should we choose a professional aircon company for installation ?

  1. They easily install a new aircon on your preferred place for a flexible cost.
  2. They also provide a compressor , fan coil , workmanship warranty for all aircons.
  3. Experienced technicians will easily disassemble your previous air conditioner and install a new aircon.
  4. Flexible pricing
  5. Quick customers response
  6. Elegant appointment booking process.


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Coolcare is one of the most trusted aircon service and installation company in singapore . We do installation and service over 10+ years. Supports all type of aircon brands for our customers across singapore at an reasonable price.

Why Peoples Choose us For AC Installation

  • 10+ years experience in aircon field
  • Buy Aircon in Reasonable prices
  • Well experienced and certified professionals
  • Quick booking process
  • 1 year Workmanship warranty available
  • Certified and Licensed company
  • 4000+ happy customers
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Coolcare Air conditioner  professionals all are highly Experienced  in aircon installation and aircon servicing, We give Quality products and service in a reasonable prices, So peoples like our services and trust the. 

What Happens On your Aircon?

Aircon Not Cold ?

is your aircon not cooling problem, check your aircon gas level, if its low please topup the gas. and clean the air filter and coil

Want to clean aircon?

we provide all type of aircon servicing for all brands. Clean the aircon properly with our aircon professionals. after clean the aircon you will get cold air regularly.

Water leak?

is your aircon leaking the water from indoor unit? clean the clogs  using the chemicals on cooling coil and clean the water pipe and drain pipe.

Outdoor unit problem?

aircon outdoor unit not working? check the compressor with the help of aircon technician. clean the outdoor unit coil using chemical, then it will working.