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Aircon General service

COOLCARE provides quality of  Aircon general service by our Air conditioner professionals. we give 100% service quality. 


What is Aircon General Service

General Service is a regularly clean the of parts of the air conditioner such as filter, drains pipe, clear the clogs on the water pipe. Aircon necessary appliance of every home, we are regularly use the aircon for maintaining the normal cool temperature. in Singapore we using air conditioner 8 hrs to 12 hrs perday. So dusts slowly stay on fan blade and filters, we must clean the air filter 4 months once. This is a regular time frame of do general service of every aircon. we provide quality of aircon service in affordable price with 1 month (30 days) workmanship warranty.


Aircon General Service Price list

Units Prices
1 unit 30$+ transportation
2 unit 50$
3 unit 75$
4 unit 100$

What’s includes in Aircon general service

  • Air Filter remove and clean 
  • Algae clean from indoor unit 
  • Remove the disinfectant from the water tray
  • Fully check the aircon fan and cover 
  • Check  the Freon gas level
  • Finally proper testing the whole unit
  • After the service 30 days workmanship warranty

Benefits of General Service: 

  • It reduce repair cost 
  • Increase lifespan
  • Preventing Environmental Damage
  • More Efficiency
  • Reduced electricity bill

Our General Aircon Service Works

Aircon Filter Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

Cooling Speed Check

Gas Level Checkup

Water Tray Cleaning

Aircon problem? Need Aircon Technician help?

Is your aircon in problem? Don’t worry our aircon experts help to solve your aircon problem.


Aircon General Service FAQ

You could sense the cooling speed is low, and when you have turned on the aircon, it will produce some noise sound by the dirt of your indoor unit. is that symptoms of do general service at the time contact out team, we will do best aircon general service in singapore

The benefits of regular service is that you will get cooler home, reduce risk of leaks, lower energy consumption, and significantly extend your aircon lifespan.

We charge 25$ per unit (2 unit’s and above), we are the aircon service company, you can directly book an appointment. No hidden charges , No agencies, reasonable price. We are the best aircon general service provider in singapore

General service should do every 3 to 4 months once, if you use an air conditioner 10 to 12 hours per day, Do 3 months once. as preventive maintenance for their air conditioner and effective in delivering clean and cool air. 

We have experienced technician, So we trust our work quality so we provide a 30 days workmanship warranty from the service date for general service. is that warranty applicable for brands and models.

Yes, We provide yearly aircon service for residential and commercial units. We have specialized team for yearly aircon maintenance. 3 months or 4 months once our team will take care of your aircon. is that yearly aircon maintenance price is less, You can save the 30$-50$ per year, compare than one time service.


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