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Why Aircon General Service is Important for Residential?

Generally, aircon is used to keep your home cool and comfortable, but for that to happen, your aircon needs general service to function efficiently. We live in a country where aircon is more important in our life especially in our homes to prevent the hot climate.

In Singapore, homes aircon is one of the major things in day to day life it keeps everyone in the home to stay cool and relax. It also helps to breathe hygiene air in a home. For that do general services for your aircon is a must.

Dust and debris are the core enemies of your aircon they cause many problems in your homes. If the aircon filters are dirty, they cause problems like aircon unit not cooling properly, ice formation in the unit. During general service, the technician cleans the dust and debris from the condenser and evaporator coil and other components in your aircon. The technician also checks water leakage in your aircon during general service. If there any leakage in your aircon technician also cleans the pipes and tubes of your aircon to prevent the water leakage problem.

During aircon general service the technician also checks the coolant level and other components like the compressor, fan motor, gas leakage, coils. find if there is any fault found in any of these components, the technician recommends you general service or replacement to increase lifespan.

In many homes, people do wait until their aircon making problems and strange noise or is not working before they contact for aircon service. But your aircon seems to be running smoothly, it can lose about 5% of efficiency every year with doing general service and regular intervals will maintain up to 95% of its efficiency.

Benefits of Aircon General Service:

  • The lifespan of the aircon unit will be prolonged.
  • Removes unwanted viruses and bacteria from the unit.
  • The major breakdown of a unit at the worse time will be reduced.
  • Better energy efficiency.
  • Lower overall repair cost.

In Singapore, most people prefer a cool care aircon service for their homes to get a 100% satisfactory service. Hurry up to book your services on cool care.

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