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Aircon spilling is a typical issue you need to fight with. Air conditioners release water from the indoor unit through a seepage pipe. Over some undefined time, frame, the indoor unit assimilates dust from your room. The water from the indoor unit, subsequent to getting stirred up with dust, structures earth, which gags the waste funnel. This leads the water to reverse and causes spillage. Obstructing of air channels and build-up breaks can likewise prompt water spillage. Our experts will check the protection behind the aircon indoor unit and furthermore the establishment of the seepage pipe. Timetable a meeting with us quickly on the off chance that you have a spilling forced air system. Maintain a strategic distance from costly fix charges by distinguishing the underlying drivers of water spillage and fixing your aircon at a beginning phase. 

Why Your Aircon Takes a Longer Time to Cool?

In the event that your aircon isn’t cold, it might be because of a few reasons:

  • Spillage in refrigerant
  • Inadequate wind current
  • Vigorously stacked aircon
  • Wasteful channel
  • With customary adjusting of aircon, you will have the option to forestall these issues. Our prepared experts will have the option to identify these issues at a beginning phase and give arrangements.

 1 Unit – Transportation fees $20

 2 units & Above – No transportation fees

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Aircon Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Clean

Steam Wash

Cooling Speed Test

Water Tray Cleaning

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David John

Thanks for service my old Daikin aircon , your technician were punctual and quickly complete the service, Thanks

Elizabeth Gillies

Hi coolcare team , thanks for servicing my old aircon it works good now , Thanks

John Carter

I’ve recently installed a Daikin system 4 and system 2 in our office, your technicians are properly installed, thanks coolcare , recommend for commercial installation

Dean Carlos

I’ve recently installed a midea system 3 Aircon with coolcare, fast installation had been done, reasonable cost no hidden charges, highly recommend for installation

Jason Roy

Thanks for doing Aircon gas top-up service for my Mitsubishi Aircon, quick and clean service. keep it up