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5 Reasons Why Aircon Light Blinking? How to fix it?

Does your aircon have light blinking Issues? The air conditioner is essential for all places, Especially tropical places in Singapore. At the same time, aircon maintenance (aircon servicing) is most important to avoid a lot of aircon troubles. If you do not service your aircon consistently, then it might create so many problems. One of the common problems is the Light Bilking Issue. Typically, aircon light blinking issues occur when the machine has detected an internal error that needs aircon repair. In this blog, we briefly discuss the aircon light blinking problem and how we fix it.


Here, are the reasons why the aircon occurs light blinking Issue :

  • Improper aircon installation

If your aircon Installation was done by inexperienced experts, It may occur to the light blinking issue. Because the inexperienced technicians did not know the perfect and professional installation, several issues might occur. So do aircon installation with the help of professional experts in professional aircon servicing companies.

  • If Clogged Air Filter

The clogged air filter sometimes affects the aircon’s efficiency performance and makes the light blinking issue. If your aircon indicates a light blinking issue, You should contact the service expert to solve the issue professionally. and Maintain your aircon properly by aircon servicing

  • If Frozen Evaporator coils

  The Frozen evaporator coils Might be caused by an issue in the ducts. You check if your evaporator fan coils have frozen. If your aircon evaporator coils May be frozen, the aircon compressor may need to be switched off briefly until the evaporator temperature increases. You should contact an experienced aircon servicing expert if the issue persists. This is one of the reasons for the light blinking problem.


  • Aircon Poor Maintenance

When your aircon did not maintain properly, the aircon created so many issues and malfunctions. Aircon servicing is essential to keep a good aircon performance. and It benefits to prevent the more major issue and increase aircon lifespan too. If you do not maintain the aircon, then light bilking issues. And other aircon issues too. So should maintain your aircon properly for 3 to 4 months once (aircon servicing) or you could also engage with an aircon servicing contract with professional aircon service companies. 


  • If Electrical Fault

An electrical fault can cause an aircon light blinking problem. If your aircon faces an electrical fault, there are two Main reasons for that: One is a damaged printed circuit board (PCB) and another one is damaged electrical wiring. So you should hire experienced technical experts to solve this issue because they would be equipped with the technical knowledge and tools to solve this issue. Aircon Light  Blinking is a common aircon issue. If your aircon Maintains properly you could avoid the issue. Cool Care aircon service company is highly recommended for aircon servicing and aircon repair. If your aircon has a blinking Issue just hire it here. We provide the best service with our experienced technical person at the lowest cost.

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