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Aircon Compressor repair / Aircon Compressor Not working?

The air conditioner compressor is typically placed Outside. The work of an aircon compressor is to remove the heat out of the house while compressing the refrigerant fluid. The refrigerant temperature should always be higher than its ambient place. For the heat to be transferred out efficiently, the compressor Must be appropriately maintained and in good working condition. If you do not maintain your aircon compressor properly (aircon servicing / Compressor cleaning), It affects your Indoor unit (Fan coil) and You will not get Efficient cooling air from your aircon. If your aircon compressor is not working you don’t panic. Here we explain to you, why that could be happening and How to fix it. #airconcompressorrepair 

Why does your aircon compressor not work ?

The basic reason for the aircon compressors stop working Include :

1. If Dirty and Debris

The Filter could normally collect the majority of Debris and dirt while executing the aircon. If your air filter and condenser coils are dirtier, then your compressor is required to work harder, and it will automatically get too hot. This issue sometimes can stop the compressor from working. So you should maintain your aircon compressor properly through a professional expert.

2. Check For Power Connection

The best thing to do when your aircon compressor is not working, Is to make sure that the compressor unit is receiving power or not. It is possible that the Breaker has been tripped. If this is an issue, You should call the electrical person to solve that issue professionally. 

3. Dead Compressor

Dead aircon results from  Faulty Capacitor or overheating. It occurs to reduce the capacity of performance (execution). So that time you should replace your dead aircon compressor and should hire a professional expert to do the aircon compressor replacement. #airconcompressornotworking

4. Aircon capacitor and starter relay

A common problem with Aircon compressors is the starter relay and Air Conditioning capacitor. The capacitor provides the power to the compressor, external fan, and blower motor. The starter relay sends the power to the compressor from the capacitors. If your Aircon compressor isn’t working, it could be that the compressor is attempting to access the capacitor, and the capacitor is malfunctioning. You should contact an expert technical person to repair it.

Indication Of aircon compressor fault :

·       If Blowing warm air

·       If Breaker has been tripped

·       If Humming noise

·       If Shaking when the system is started

·       If the Compressor is not working but fans only working

·       If Thermostat Fault

How Do I Fix Aircon Compressor Problems?

You should maintain the aircon compressor Properly to prevent major issues. When you service your aircon compressor properly Your compressor could not get an issue consistently. If your aircon compressor does not work and you feel uncomfortable. You can call the Cool Care aircon service company to get the best approach for your aircon compressor issue. Our experts are more experienced, so easily they will rectify your aircon compressor problem. And you could also do other aircon services at your expected price.

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