Aircon Chemical Overhual Service with 90 days Workmanship Warranty

Aircon Chemical Overhual Service  with 90 days Workmanship Warranty


 In the event that your forced air systems have been utilized for a significant stretch of time without upkeep, they need a compound update. This procedure empowers us to re-establish the exhibition of your unit. With the compound redesign, we will help in improving the usefulness of the unit. A concoction update:
Greases up fan orientation to ensure the unit works discreetly without creating any clamour
Checks indoor regulators and controls of the unit
Cleans pipes, blower haggle skillet with fitting synthetics
Cleans fan evaporator loop to encourage the smooth exchange of warmth without the development of residue and grime
Replaces broken direction and disposes of operational commotion
Our specialists, with compound update, broaden the life of your forced air system and guarantee inconvenience free activity. Subsequently, you will have the option to re-establish cool air and guarantee the productive cooling of your room while saving money on your vitality bills.


  • Clears aircon spilling water issue
  • Quickens cooling with investment funds on electrical utilization
  • Investment funds on whole upkeep cost
  • Extends the life expectancy of the gear

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Price list

Fancoil for chemical overhaul 110$

 1 Unit – Transportation fees $20

 2 units & Above – No transportation fees

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Our Aircon Chemical Overhaul Works

Aircon Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Clean

Chemical Clean

Blower Cleaning

Water Tray Cleaning

Gas Level Checkup

Cooling Level Checkup

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Aircon Chemical Overhaul FAQ

Aircon chemical overhaul service needs to be done every year  once.

Coolcare offers a chemical overhaul service for a flexible rate, we also provide a workmanship warranty .

 We provide a 90 days workmanship warranty for chemical overhaul service.


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*** Customer Reviews ***

David John

Thanks for service my old Daikin aircon , your technician were punctual and quickly complete the service, Thanks

Elizabeth Gillies

Hi coolcare team , thanks for servicing my old aircon it works good now , Thanks

John Carter

I’ve recently installed a Daikin system 4 and system 2 in our office, your technicians are properly installed, thanks coolcare , recommend for commercial installation

Dean Carlos

I’ve recently installed a midea system 3 Aircon with coolcare, fast installation had been done, reasonable cost no hidden charges, highly recommend for installation

Jason Roy

Thanks for doing Aircon gas top-up service for my Mitsubishi Aircon, quick and clean service. keep it up