Aircon Service Price


Unit 1 - $30 + Transport
Unit 2 - $50
Unit 3 - $75
Unit 4 - $100


Unit 1 - $40
Unit 2 - $80
Unit 3 - $120
Unit 4 - $160


Unit 1 - $60
Unit 2 - $120
Unit 3 - $180
Unit 4 - $240


Unit 1 - $90
Unit 2 - $180
Unit 3 - $270
Unit 4 - $360

What is Aircon servicing?

In Singapore, aircon installation and aircon service maintenance are more important to protect our health in ambient temperature and Save our repair cost to prevent the aircon issue. Cause, these days one of the big investments we provide for aircon. So aircon maintenance is a must and it might get by a professional aircon service from here. 

Aircon servicing is the process of cleaning the accumulated dirt and dust for an indoor unit and outdoor unit. When you follow up on the aircon servicing for your aircon, Definitely your aircon could not face aircon repair and could not give any troubles. So that you could keep your aircon for long years, then you can always get fresh chill air to reduce ambient high temperature and lessen your tension by Maintain the aircon servicing. 

Advantage of Aircon service


  • Extend aircon lifespan – Aircon servicing can help increase the aircon lifespan for many years
  • Prevent Health Issue –  If you avoid aircon service for your aircon. It forms more dirt, dust, and bacteria. It causes bad odour from your aircon; It may affect your health when you sense that bad odour smell. So you should do aircon service properly to prevent health issues.
  • Clean air – The aircon service helps sense the clean air without any dust particles.
  • Prevent unexpected aircon issue – When you do aircon servicing properly through a chemical overhaul and chemical wash. You could gradually avoid the aircon issue as well as save your money.
  • Save Electricity – Aircon service will help to save your electricity bill. After aircon service, your aircon does not take more time to cool the room to save your electric charge.

Why is My Aircon Repaired?

If you do not care about your aircon it means if you did not maintain the aircon by aircon service, then you could face a lot of troubles then lose your aircon and cost. If you want to avoid that? You can do Aircon Servicing properly. Cool Care is here to help you with that. 

Note: If you feel I could not maintain my aircon properly, Don’t worry Please here to book your Yearly aircon contract  with Our COOL CARE. then Our teams are perfectly and Punctally will provide the best aircon servicing for you. They will maintain your aircon on Time and then help to avoid more aircon repair costs and save your aircon for uncountable years. 

Common Aircon Problems & Solutions

If Your aircon is run without aircon servicing, your aircon makes it dirtier. Then it will form accumulated dirt so that the drainage pipe is stored the water then it will be provided to outside.  This issue might reduce the cooling efficiency, and make bad odor or by forms of fungus in by water leak. The one issue that causes a lot of trouble.

Solution – You should follow the aircon servicing or you could solve the water leak issues by aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical Overhaul.

Aircon Blinking issues may not be properly connected or your circuit board is a fault or broken or incorrect aircon installation or lack of air circulation. 

Solution – You should follow the aircon servicing and Solve the aircon blinking by professional experts.

If your aircon is not cold enough,   it may be due to a lot of dirt or less refrigerant. So you can hire professional assistance to rectify that aircon issue. If the refrigerant is low, you can add a gas top-up to avoid low cooling.

Solution: You can do an aircon chemical wash or check the Refrigerant level, then add it with help of professional assistance.

Compressor (Outdoor unit) stands for work of indoor unit to give a better cooling performance. If you did not maintain the servicing of the compressor. your compressor may give trouble or break (aircon repair). So that it affects the whole aircon unit then will lose your compressor and money. 

Solution: you can do a compressor chemical wash to remove the dirt and avoid the troubles.  Cool Care is here to help you with that. If your compressor is repaired or If you want to do a chemical wash for the compressor just hire our cool care and get quick with service.

Aircon Noise issues may be created by If the fan motor is a fault or If the aircon spare parts are maybe broken inside the aircon. The regular aircon servicing is the help of balancing the spare parts to give the quality performance. If you avoid the aircon service you can face such issues. 

Solution: You should do aircon servicing and if your aircon has noise issues, you can hire Our Cool Care. Our technicians will solve the problem, If spare parts are broken they will replace that. 

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Recent Aircon Servicing

The aircon general service is to clean the filter, coil, etc. The regular service will always stand up to balance the cooling and prevent aircon issues. If you feel too difficult to maintain your aircon consistently, you could get an option for an Aircon servicing contract like quarterly or annually. So that the expert will handle your aircon perfectly. Note: General service should often do 3 to 4 months once
The usage of aircon can create more dirt in indoor and Outdoor units, so that time we may do aircon chemical wash for the fan coil and compressor. The process of chemical washing is done by non-dismantling the aircon (fan coil). and also can do compressor (outdoor) chemical wash.  The chemical solution will remove all accumulated dust particles, so that we can avoid water leak issues, low cooling issues, etc. Get faster & fresh cooling performance by doing the chemical cleaning. Note: Aircon chemical wash should often do 6 months once
The aircon performance can reduce GAS (PSI-Volume of usage). So we should check the gas level properly and add on the top-up if the gas level is low. If your aircon gas level is zero, you can not get efficient cooling air from your air conditioner. So if your aircon has a low cooling issue, just hire it here. Our technician will check your PSI and add the gas top-up based on usage at a reasonable price. Note: Aircon Gas Top Up – (Will refilled the gas based on PSI)
The process of aircon chemical overhaul is to fully dismantle the aircon. The parts will be removed separately and cleaned individually by chemicals. So that way it gives more protection to aircon parts and performance. Your aircon lifespan has a chance to be increased for uncountable years by doing one service of a chemical overhaul. Note:  Aircon chemical Overhaul should often do Yearly once
The aircon steam cleaning gives the benefit of avoiding 99% of bacteria in the aircon. This performance is completely eco-friendly. Can do steam cleaning to avoid health hazards, and get fresh cooling air without any bacterias. The main advantage of the steam cleaning service is that we could get fresh air without any harm. Note: Aircon steam cleaning should often do 4 months once

If you neglect the aircon service (maintenance) your aircon might give more troubles like error code, noise issue, parts break down, etc., In this issue may spend a lot of investment for troubleshooting. So we should do aircon service properly and avoid aircon issues. If your aircon has any issue just hire cool care for that. We are here to give the best workmanship by our experienced technicians.