You are currently viewing 5 reasons why Aircon water leaking? How to fix it?

5 reasons why Aircon water leaking? How to fix it?

Is your aircon leaking water? Do you think that your aircon creates a water leaking issue? Currently, the aircon is more considered for homes, offices, etc., especially in the hottest place in Singapore. So we prefer to install the aircon to avoid the heat in an ambient place. But if we skip the aircon maintenance after purchase we could face a lot of aircon issues. Here we briefly discuss one of the common aircon issues of Water leaking. If your aircon has a water leaking issue. Here you could know the reason for the issue and know the solution to fix the aircon problem. 

1.     If Clogging Of Drainage Pipe  :

The clogged drainage pipe is one of the common reasons for the water leaking problems. The Drainage pipe will typically create dirt, dust, etc., When these substances accumulate in the drainage pipe, it leads to a delay in water flowing in the air conditioner. This will lead to an increase in water storage and result in leaking water from your aircon. So Do proper aircon servicing to avoid this kind of issue. And contact a professional expert to solve the issue. 

2.  If Dirty the air filter and water tray are:

A dirty air filter and water tray might have created the water leaking issue. The dirt will block the evaporator coil and cause the temperature of the air around the evaporator coil to drop, then ice will then start forming inside the aircon unit. When the aircon Mode of, the temperature will be reduced in the evaporator coil so that it melts the ice and drips from the coil in your aircon unit. #airconrepair

3.  If No Insulation :

Insulation prevents the water leak issue from the aircon. If the insulation has torn away or there is no insulation it causes the pipes to leak the water. This is one of the main reasons for the water leaking problem. If your Insulation may be torn or faulty. You should solve the issue with an expert. #airconservice

4.   If Refrigerant Level Of Low :

When the refrigerant is low the aircon will be lower subsequently causing the evaporator coil to freeze over.  When the coil starts to melt, the water overflows into the drip tray. It reduces the cooling air. If your aircon refrigerant is low, then contact the service expert and solve the issue professionally. 

5.   If Poor aircon Installation :

If your aircon is not properly installed, It might create a water leak issue. So you should hire a professional aircon servicing contractor and install the aircon perfectly.

How to solve the aircon dripping or Water leaking Problem?

All types of aircon issues not only aircon water leaking problems. The whole type of aircon issues we could avoid 90 % by following the aircon servicing. So do aircon servicing properly by engaging with a professional aircon service company. 

Note: Water leaking issue you could solve by aircon chemical wash service or Overhaul service. if parts are broken You should replace the part with an expert. #airconwaterleaking

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