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Aircon servicing contract is more essential in maintaining the condition of your air conditioner. If you using your aircon without proper maintenance and servicing, your aircon unit will be prone to breakdown the inside parts and The quality of the aircon may decrease. To prevent this major problem we are providing the best aircon servicing contract at your expected price. Cool Care is almost 10+ years of experience in the aircon maintenance industry, We are provide professional and reliable aircon servicing contracts in Singapore. Our company provides the aircon servicing contract to a wide range of client such as household, warehouse, office, factory, mall, commercial and many more. Our regular aircon maintenance and servicing is can help your air conditioner cool and clean, then you to enjoy the fresh and clean air in your home or office.

  Yearly aircon service contract

Quarterly aircon service contract

Bi Monthly aircon service contract

Tri yearly aircon service contract

Benefits of aircon servicing contract


Cost effective

Prevent all aircon problems

Increase aircon lifespan

Optimize function of your aircon unit

  Save time

customer satisfaction
Exerienced technican's
certified technican

Why aircon servicing Contract is Important ?

These days we don’t have any time to maintain the aircon properly, so that time your aircon is running for long days without  aircon maintenance. This leads to all of the problems in below:

  Bad odor smell

  Ac parts Breakdown unexpectedly

  Water leak

  Blockage of accumulated dirt

  Cooling reduce

  Fan bearing Breakdown

  Condenser may fault

  Dust and dirt from of inside parts

  Noise issue

The above issues are may occurring in your air conditioner when you don’t maintain your aircon, so You face more troubles only. To overcome this issue, You could choose the aircon servicing contract, so that  professional aircon service contractor will maintain your aircon properly, It helps save your money, time, increase aircon lifespan and mainly avoid these issues.

Why people choose aircon servicing contract with us ?

  Experienced technical experts

Your aircon repair or maintenance whatever you expect, our experts
will solve your aircon needs professionally.


We are a reliable aircon service company in Singapore. and also we
are accredited and legitimated for doing the aircon service for your aircon


Our professional service providers will be arranged to fit a date and
time that is convenient for you through our WhatsApp.

  Quick booking process

You can book your appointment by online form or Our Whatsapp or Call.

Cool Care is best aircon servicing contract In Singapore

Our company is providing the many servicing for your aircon through highly experienced engineers. We are a licensed and certified company for doing the aircon service. If you looking aircon servicing contract, Our experts are will provide the best aircon servicing for your aircon at a reasonable price. We will maintain the aircon through the aircon servicing contract follow-ups. We offer more service benefits for aircon servicing contract so you will be able to get more advantage with us.


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