Best Aircon Chemical Wash Service

Aircon Chemical Wash Service

COOLCARE provides quality of  aircon chemical wash service in reasonable price. after the cleaning your ac will cooling much more than before.

What is Aircon chemical wash?

if your aircon not cold properly or it makes a bad smell, You should clean the aircon using the chemical. after that service, your aircon will be cooling like a new. the reason is clogs stay on cooling coils and fan blower, when you do the aircon chemical wash for aircon. You get clean and fast cooling air from the air conditioner. Our company have experienced aircon service technician. we assure, our technician 100% solve your aircon problems, without any falls.

Aircon Chemical Wash Price list

1 unit70$
2 unit120$
3 unit160$
4 unit180$

What’s includes in Aircon chemical wash?

  • Chemically Disinfecting of air filter
  • Clean the cooling coil using chemical sprayer
  • Clean clogs on fan blower
  • Chemical Flush the condensation drainage pipe
  • Inspection the wiring connection and check the temperature
  • 60 days workmanship warranty

Benefits of Chemical Wash: 

  • Cooling fast
  • Avoid the un-necessary smell
  • Prevent condenser Freezing 
  • Prevent water leaks 
  • Get quality air 

Our Aircon Chemical Wash Works

Aircon Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Clean

Chemical Cleaning

Water Tray Cleaning

Gas Level Checkup

Cooling Level Checkup

Chemical wash is necessary for aircon. it benefits to increase the indoor quality of life span and avoid the more significant problem from aircon. 

Chemical wash for the compressor unit it’s important. that chemical wash service helps to remove the dust and dirt on the cooling coil and Fan blower. it prevents health hazards.

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Aircon Chemical Wash Service FAQ

 Aircon chemical wash service needs to be done every 5-6 month once.

We charge 70$ for 1 unit whereas for above 2 units we charge 60$ per unit.

We provide a 60 days workmanship warranty for chemical wash service.


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*** Customer Reviews ***

David John

Thanks for service my old Daikin aircon , your technician were punctual and quickly complete the service, Thanks

Elizabeth Gillies

Hi coolcare team , thanks for servicing my old aircon it works good now , Thanks

John Carter

I’ve recently installed a Daikin system 4 and system 2 in our office, your technicians are properly installed, thanks coolcare , recommend for commercial installation

Dean Carlos

I’ve recently installed a midea system 3 Aircon with coolcare, fast installation had been done, reasonable cost no hidden charges, highly recommend for installation

Jason Roy

Thanks for doing Aircon gas top-up service for my Mitsubishi Aircon, quick and clean service. keep it up