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When to do a chemical wash for your aircon?

Aircon Chemical Wash?

The aircon chemical wash process will clean the internal components of the aircon by using appropriate chemical solutions. The process dismantles the Internal parts of the Filter, evaporator coil, etc. Internal parts are clean by using a chemical solution.

The air conditioner must require to do the aircon chemical wash for keeping the proper aircon Maintainance. Especially in the tropical region, people must do the aircon chemical wash to Balancing the aircon unit and protect themselves from High heat temperatures. But before that, we should know

“How do we know aircon need a chemical wash and How we can find that ”. If you don’t know, No Worries. We help to Guide you in Our Best way.

The Indications about when your aircon needs to do the Chemical wash

  • Aircon Not Cold: The Dirty Fan coil will affect the Cooling. If your aircon did not produce the cool air properly. It might be too much form of dirty into the Fan coil. In such an issue will take many hours to cool the room, So that way Possible to develop the many aircon issues from the dirty coil. You can solve this issue with a chemical solution.
  • Water Leakage: If your aircon is leaking water. It may be due to a clogged condensate drain line. When the condensate drain line will be clogged by dirt. The water can not run and It will store in the drain line. Then the water will come off the side of your place. When you find such kind of aircon problem, you should solve this by aircon service provider. If you neglecting the issue, it forms of Algae and may Small problem convert to big. 
  • Bad Odor: When your aircon releases a bad odor, You may not sense the cooling with a fresh feel. The bad odor occurs by Bacterias, Algae, and Dirt.  If your aircon is leaking water, you should rectify that problem Immediately, If does not do, the water form of Fungus so that will create a bad odor. So, You can solve this issue by chemical cleaning.
  • Increase Electric Bill: The electricity bill will increase by low cooling issue. When your aircon takes more time to cool the room, it automatically Increases the electric charge. If you aircon chemical wash service properly, you could avoid such issues and get the best air quality.
  • Unexpected aircon problem : If you don’t do the chemical wash, It may create Unexpected aircon issues. Like ” Evaporator coil broken, Fan bearing not work, drain pipe block and thermostat Fault ” So that, might to lose your aircon and lose your Money. You can prevent such aircon problems by chemical wash.

The above Indication is your aircon needs chemical cleaning. Chemical wash helps with quiet a performance for long years.

Why aircon Chemical Wash?

  • Prevent Noise issue
  • Prevent water leak 
  • Prevent Bad odor
  • Reduced eclectic bill
  • Increase air quality 
  • Prevent Unexpected aircon problems
  • Increase aircon Performance

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