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Aircon chemical wash Or Aircon Chemical Overhaul?

Singapore is a tropical country, Normally we know about the high temperature of this tropical place. We more prefer the Aircon for reduced the temperature and protecting themselves.  How Important is the aircon as well it is very important to maintain the aircon performance. Normal aircon servicing is not enough for aircon to increase the aircon lifespan and better efficiency cooling work. So, here we discuss the best aircon services. Like, what is Aircon Chemical wash and What is Aircon Chemical Overhaul, and which one is best for your aircon. Then, why this service more prefers for Airconditioners. End of the Article You could know about that as well get the point of difference and Importance.

What is Aircon Chemical wash?

The Aircon Chemical Wash Process will clean the Internal components of the aircon. Internal Components are Filter, Steamer, and Evaporator coil by using clean the appropriate chemicals. The process will remove the dirt, dust particles. After the process, you could get the new aircon as it is. 

Why Aircon Chemical wash Service is Necessary?

Imagine “ If your aircon not cold enough. Obviously, you will get more tensed without good aircon performance right ?” If you want to get better cooling efficiency without any trouble, you should do the aircon chemical wash. 

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash : 

  • Better cooling efficiency: The aircon chemical wash service help to avoid the low cooling issue. The chemical solution removes the clogged dirt from the drainpipe, So after completing the process you get fresh air quality performance.
  • Extend the lifespan of aircon: The whole internal parts are will clean with a chemical solution.  The process removes the bacteria, dust, Alage and bad odor, etc. It helps to effectively perform the aircon parts and get more potential after cleaning the chemical.
  • Save electricity bill: If Your aircon did not cold enough you should service your aircon, when you notice that. If you avoid the low cooling issue, your aircon takes more time to provide the cooling for you expect, so that your electricity charge is well increased. If You would not ready face such kind of issue? , you should do a chemical wash service. This service will stay away from the low cooling issues and reduce your electricity bill.

How often should we do aircon chemical wash for our aircon?

The aircon chemical wash service prefers twice a year. Because, our aircon gives more performance to protect from high temperature so that the aircon lot of form of dirt, dust into the filter and blower, etc. When we maintenance our aircon proper service by chemical for twice a year. We may not face more aircon troubles and save our money.  

What is aircon Chemical Overhaul?

The aircon chemical overhaul process will dismantle the entire aircon unit and clean each part by using a chemical solution. It helps you can avoid more arise several issues and Increase the aircon lifespan. upon completion of the aircon chemical overhaul process, you will get equal to new aircon. 

Why Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service is Necessary?

Basically, the aircon must need the aircon chemical overhaul once a year. If you avoid doing the chemical overhaul service, You could chance to face several aircon issues and may possibly lose your aircon.

  • If you want to increase your aircon lifespan?
  • If you want to get more cooling efficiency?
  • If you want to avoid more electricity bills?
  • If you want to prevent water leaks and bad odor issues?
  • If you want to avoid unexpected aircon problems?

You should do an aircon chemical overhaul process. The process will clean the entire unit, so each and every part will clean with a chemical solution. After that definitely, you can get the above content of what you want to expect from your aircon. 

Benefits aircon chemical Overhaul :

  • Will clean the fully entire aircon unit: When your aircon is fully cleaned with dismantling, It removes fully dirt, dust, and more fungus, so that it automotive strive to do the best aircon performance and avoid many aircon troubles, then the way to increase the aircon lifespan.
  • Will Prevent thermistor fault: The aircon performance is one of based on Thermistor also. when the thermistor did not work well, you can not get the best cooling for your place. It affects cooling. So you can avoid this issue by proper aircon chemical overhaul service. 
  • Will avoid bad odor: If your aircon faced bad odor issues that reason for the unmaintained aircon. It means If your aircon run without any aircon servicing by long hrs. It automatically develops more dirt, and Insects to chance to die the inside aircon, etc. Then, Your aircon creates a bad odor. when you switch on the aircon or if the aircon be offline produces a bad odor. Chemical overhaul service will help of avoiding this issue and you can breathe healthy air as well avoid health Hazards.
  • Will avoid water leak issue: Your aircon faced a water leak issue? the main reason for that, you avoid the aircon chemical overhaul service. The water leak issue can give big trouble of Algae formation and Bad odor. then Cooling will affect. Its cooling automatically increases the electricity bill. So the water leak issue can give around several aircon issues. You could avoid this issue with a chemical solution.

Additional benefits of Aircon chemical overhaul :

  • Will Save Electricity bill
  • Increase aircon lifespan
  • Will Prevent unexpected aircon problems
  • Will Prevent unexpected aircon parts broken
  • Will Save repair cost

Note: “The chemical overhaul should do once a year for kept aircon better performance”

Finally, we conclusion of Which one is the best? aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul?

We conclude the Article is, the chemical wash will help increase cooling efficiency without any dust particles. Aircon chemical overhaul is the help of giving the best aircon parts performance and avoid major aircon issues. The chemical service is saved our electricity and gives the best solution for balancing our aircon unit. So, you can do the aircon chemical wash to get cooling efficiency as well save electricity. you should do Six months once chemical wash service.  Then, You can do an Aircon chemical overhaul to avoid unexpected aircon parts breakdown and increase aircon lifespan by doing an Aircon chemical overhaul yearly once. Both are perfectly chosen for your aircon performance. 

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