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7 Common Aircon Compressor Problems and Solution

The air conditioning unit’s compressor is like the heart of the system.Aircon is not working properly the compressor problem is caused. The common air conditioner problem is following

  1. Water leak
  2. Electrical problem
  3. Low Refrigerant charge
  4. Dirt in the coils
  5. Suction lines blocked
  6. Low lubricant level
  7. Contaminants in the system

Water leak

The first thing that you should do after recognizing this problem is to turn off your aircon and disconnect the power supply.this problem is not solve correct time he accrued many problems. For such a type of aircon problems, you might need to call a professional aircon company.

Electrical problems

An electrical failure is accrued easily preventable with experienced technicians. He can spot and repair damaged wiring, fuses and contractors before they take down your system and cause AC compressor failure.

Low Refrigerant charge

Here and there, the refrigerant lines of your framework get broken or create openings. The refrigerant moving through these lines begins spilling, and your framework’s refrigerant charge diminishes. In the event that your unit’s productivity to cool your home drops and you notice that it isn’t cooling the house according to your necessities, at that point, this implies that there is a refrigerant spillage. On the off chance that you neglect to address this issue on a convenient premise, it will bring about the framework’s overheating and in the long run your blower will come up short. Blower’s disappointment is a significant issue which will drive you to spend a great deal of cash on cooling administration.

Dirt in the coils

Different parts of your aircon system are dirt and dust debris while functioning. Your condenser loop is one of those parts. This accumulation of dirt hinders the expulsion of hot air produced to the coil. The hot air forced to your aircon system is hard to work at high temperature. clean the dirty aircon coils to solve the compressor problem.

Suction lines blocked

Over the range of utilization, your cooling system refrigerant lines create breaks and openings. They frustrate the progression of refrigerants and put focus on your system to work more enthusiastically. The significant sign of this issue is the decrease in the cooling limit of your framework. Low cooling powers the framework to continue to run for longer time frames which expands its energy utilization and mileage of the parts. It likewise diminishes the effective working of your system. 

Low lubricant level

The lubricant level is low then the compressor caused many problems. To check the lubricant level properly  to the aircon compressor is worked properly.

Contaminants in the system

The blowers of cooling systems are typically positioned outside homes or on the roofs. Their placement areas are usually populated with various types of contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, and insects. These pollutants alongside the dirt, dust, acid, leaves, soot, debris and pest, and bird droppings enter the compressor system and malfunction it. This heat present your aircon is not working properly. You can avoid the issues schedule maintenance to the perfect aircon servicing company to repair them.

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