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5 main reasons why your aircon not cooled?

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Aircon plays a vital role in Singaporeans everyday the aircon not only helps people to cool the environment it also adding more comfort to your work during circuit breaker. However, your aircon is not cooled properly due to some major there are some major tips to fix these problems.

1. Dirty air filter and condenser coil

In aircon these air filters block dirt and dust particles from the air so it gets clogged due to that it block the flow of cooled air in your we have made clean the filters to get proper cooling from aircon and the clogged condenser coil also not allow the cooling air to your space. Make sure the condenser coils are cleaned or not to fix these problems.

2. Defective compressor unit

The compressor is one of the major things in the aircon unit it helps to circulate refrigerant between the evaporator and defective or broken compressor not gives cooling to your space so contact professionals to fix this problem.

3. Choosing right size aircon

When you going to buy a new aircon at first you need to know the right size aircon for your space because choosing the wrong size does not proper cooling to your before going to buy a new aircon to get help from aircon experts to get a right one for your home or office.

4. Defective thermostat

The thermostat which senses the temperature of your space when there is some problem occurs on the thermostat it doesn’t produce proper cooling to your space so when you are not getting cooled air from the aircon make sure the thermostat is working or not.

5. Refrigerant issue

When your aircon is not cooling properly there is some leakage in refrigerant it causes a lack of supplying cooling air to your contact an aircon service technician to fix it.