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Air conditioner Remote Control Symbols and Explanation?

Remote control features:

               The meaning of air conditioner remote control symbols seems more difficult to understand. After all, it’s almost like all the other buttons in the remote are redundant – much like all those symbols we see on the screen of the remote. I presume that most of you all know about the temperature and timer section.

 1. ON/OFF button:

                            Pressing this button can turn on or turn off your aircon units.  After turning on the unit operation indicator on the indoor unit is ON and the indoor unit gives a sound.

2. MODE button:

                             After selecting the auto mode, it will operate automatically according to the temperature. The set temperature can’t be adjusted and also can’t be displayed

                             After selecting cool mode, it operates under cool mode. The cool indicator on indoor initial ON. You can press the button to adjust the set temperature.

 3. TEMP button:

                             After each pressing of a button, it can increase or decrease the set temperature. The set temperature on the remote controllers will change quickly.  After reaching your required time, loosen the button.

4. FAN button:

                              Pressing this button can set fan speed circularly as auto(AUTO), low (LOW),  middle (MIDDLE), high(HIGH). Fan speed under dry mode is low speed.

5. DIRECT button:

                           Used to change the lower movement and set the desired up/down airflow direction.

 6. SWING button:

                            It is used to stop or start a horizontal louver auto swing feature. On some models used to stop or start vertical lower auto swing feature.

  7. TIMER ON button;

                            Press this button to initiate the auto-on-off time sequence. Each press will increase the auto-timed setting in 30 minutes to 40 minutes increments

8. LED button:

                             Disable indoor screen display. When pushing the button, the indoor screen display is cleared and press it again to light the display.

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