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Basic Considerations For Before And After Aircon Installation

Before you invest in air conditioning, you should make sure to check several basic factors, like the electrical load of the room, the insulation of piping, and the potential for leaks and corrosion. There are also some routine maintenance activities that you should conduct on your air conditioner to keep it functioning at a peak performance. By following these tips, you can be sure that your air conditioning unit will keep you cool and comfortable for many years to come.  #airconinstallationsingapore

Check for electrical load before buying aircon

Before you buy an aircon for your home / office, make sure to check for the electrical load of the unit. This is a very important factor, because the electrical load of an aircon unit directly affects how much electricity it uses. That is why it is crucial to check this before buying an air conditioner, as you wouldn’t want to buy one that will end up causing your electricity bills.

To determine how much electricity you will be using, read the energy label and choose the most energy-efficient model. While a low ticks aircon might have a higher electricity bill. So Make sure to get a high tick rating (5 ticks of aircon). If you don’t know much about air conditioners, it is a good idea to stick to the best-known brands of aircon to ensure high quality and long-lasting performance.

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Insulate piping

When you install aircon units in Singapore, you must insulate the piping. The electrical wires are inserted inside the pipes. For this reason, you must choose a brand with 3C70 rated wires. These wires have better absorption capacity than standard wires. It is recommended that you insulate the piping before and after the installation to keep the room cool and dry.

  • Proper aircon installation prevents gas leakages, rusting, water damage, and other problems. It increases the life of the aircon unit and increases its lifespan. 
  • Proper installation ensures the pipe quality and longevity. Poor insulation can exacerbate the condensation rate, resulting in leaks and damaged pipes. If you are considering aircon installation in Singapore, make sure to hire a qualified technician with proper knowledge and experience in the field.

Check for corrosion

In order to avoid gas leaks, you should check for corrosion before and after aircon installation in your place. You can detect these signs easily with the standard inspection procedures that most homeowners use. The sooner you notice them, the better. Checking for corrosion is essential for a safe, efficient and long-lasting air conditioning system. Here are some tips:

  • Corrosion is common in air conditioning systems. You can prevent it by undergoing a chemical overhaul.
  • This involves removing the fan coil and its motherboard. It will also include cleaning all the components.
  • The chemical overhaul will improve the performance of the air conditioner. 

Check for leakage

If you are getting an aircon installed in Singapore, make sure to check for leakage before and after. If leaking aircon. You might be woken up early in time by the sound of a dripping aircon. Or, worse yet, your bedroom floor will be wet and dirty. It’s a hassle to clean up, but that’s what happens when you install air conditioning in Singapore. Aircon leaks are very common in Singapore. Here are some tips to help you check for aircon leakage:  #airconinstallation

  • First, make sure there are no visible cracks in the condenser coil. This will make diagnosing the leakage easier.
  •  Secondly, insert a dry cloth into the condenser coil. If you notice a wet cloth, there’s a leakage. Call an air conditioning expert for aircon repair. If you find leakage on the condenser coil, contact an air conditioning repair expert in Singapore immediately.


The above considerations are basically considered before and after the aircon installation. To check these factors while planning the installation to get the best installation and prevent aircon issues.

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