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Top selling & best aircon brand in Singapore

These days a lot of aircon brands are selling in Singapore for the areas residential and commercial. But before the aircon installation, we should analyze the top aircon brands to get a long-term durability function and Save our investment. The most consideration for aircon installation in both residential and commercial is we should take professional assistance to get the best aircon and premium installation. In this blog, we guide you to the top-selling aircon brand and its importance, So that you get an idea for aircon brands and installation to your location. 

Top-selling aircon brand :

  1. Mitsubishi aircon
  2. Daikin aircon
  3. Midea aircon
  4. Panasonic aircon 

Mitsubishi aircon 

Mitsubishi aircon is one of the trusted aircon brands in Singapore. Many people are looking to buy a Mitsubishi aircon for their home and office. They build an aircon with premium quality so the cooling experience will be one of the best. Mitsubishi sells both split and centralized air conditioners as per customer needs.

Mitsubishi electric aircon promotion

Mitsubishi has two types of models, Like one of Starmex and another one of heavy industries. Most of the people searching and wanting to install the model are Starmex (electric). Because it has many advanced features and it is easy to clean and use compared to heavy industries. The main advantage of Mitsubishi Starmex,  there is no Maintenance issue in the future. And it has the best refrigerant (R32 & R410A) to get the best cooling performance. 

Advantages of Mitsubishi:

Easy to Maintenance, Effective cooling, Suitable for both residential and commercial, Long time durability, and Energy-efficient.

For Mitsubishi aircon installation you could contact a professional aircon installation company to buy an aircon reasonably.

Daikin Aircon :

Daikin aircon is one of the top brands in Singapore with the best built-in quality and it gives us the best cooling experience. Many people choose Daikin Aircon for their residential and commercial places. Daikin consists of two types: split Air Conditioner and centralized Air Conditioner. And Daikin is the more reliable and effective cooling system. It stands out as the best energy-saving system and also it vastly reduces the electricity bill.

daikin aircon promotion

There are two popular series in the Daikin brand 

  1. Daikin I smile series
  2. Daikin I smile eco series

Daikin I smile series:  Daikin I smile series is one of the most popular aircon series in Singapore, it provides a high-class cooling experience. High energy efficient with wifi control type, I smile series is built with premium quality.

Daikin I smile eco series: Daikin I smile eco series is one of the best selling Aircon series in Singapore, with 5 ticks, it gives the best cooling experience so most of them choose this series. R32 gas is used in this series so it is eco-friendly and it provides quiet performance.

Advantage of Daikin:

Energy saving, wifi control, Quiet performance, eco-friendly, best-cooling experience.

If you are looking to install Daikin aircon contact the best Aircon installation company for a new installation.

Midea Aircon

Midea Aircon is one of the best top-selling Aircon in Singapore with their best features they are one among the people’s favorite air conditioner brands in Singapore. Midea Aircon is a budget-friendly Aircon with many people in Singapore who are willing to purchase the Midea Aircon.

MIdea aircon promotion

Midea Aircon consists of two types :

  1. Midea Split Aircon
  2. Midea centralized Aircon

Midea Aircon provides a top cooling experience in their budget with premium built quality. Most residential people are also considering buying a Midea Aircon.

Advantage of Midea: Energy Efficient, Eco friendly, Long durability, budget-friendly aircon

If you are looking to install Midea Aircon choose the best Aircon installation company for a new installation.

Panasonic Aircon

One of the recommended aircon brands is Panasonic. Panasonic has a unique style and has made it easier to live by using many advanced technologies. The benefits of Panasonic are to get the performance of Nanoe technology and Econavi sensor activity function. These two main technologies are automatic air purification systems and get cooling based on human activity by sunlight intensity. 

Panasonic Aircon promotion

Advantage of Panasonic: Air purification system, Energy efficiency, Uniqueness, Nanoe technology, and Econav sensor

For Panasonic aircon installation you could contact a professional aircon installation company to buy an aircon affordably.

Tips to get the correct size of aircon for residential :

The best aircon installation is based on the correct size of aircon and brand. For residential we could easily choose the right aircon for our places. Because Normally we could calculate the room sizes and can get the best model and BTU based on the location. Typically the split type of aircon is best suitable for residential areas, and the above-mentioned aircon brands are perfectly matched and trustable brands for aircon installation.

To choose the right size of BTU aircon for the room, living, etc., You could take expert advice by site inspection. By the site inspection, you could take more advice for brands, BTU, installation Materials, etc.,

Here we give the best example BTU for the room, living, etc is : 

  • 9k BTU is considered for room
  • 12k BTU is considered for the Master bedroom
  • 18k BTU is Considered for Living room
  • 24k BTU is considered for living room (If big)
  • 24k BTU is considered for Living + dining (If together attached)

indoor unit table

The above example is almost best suitable for all room considerations BTUs.

Tips to get the correct size of aircon for Commercial :

The commercial aircon installation is more different compared to residential. because their place is a lot different like small and large places. So we could analyze the best type of aircon to based on our location like if our commercial place is small, we can go for to choose the split type of aircon but If our Commercial place is too large, We should choose a Centralised type of aircon to get even cooling for all until corner places.

The above best top-selling brand is also suitable for commercial places, so we could easily take one of such brands for our areas.

For commercial, We should take experience expert advice to choose the right size of aircon based on our location.  Because we could not analyze the correct size of aircon and Piping connection without the help of experts, So should do a site survey to get the best and right aircon installation for commercial.

Hope to know you about the idea of top-selling aircon brands and tips for residential and commercial after reading this blog. We are one of the best aircon installation companies in Singapore. We provide all top aircon brands for all areas in Singapore. Get the best aircon brands with us by expert assistance at +65 9002 4773