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Aircon Installation guide for 2022

An Aircon is more required these days but a number of people buy an aircon without prior ideas (ethics) or not a specialist in an aircon field to buying an aircon. If you are purchasing an aircon before research to ensure you could not get good aircon performance as you expect and might face a lot of troubles in your aircon. So the expert advice is you will need extensive knowledge for aircon installation (before buying an aircon). Here we give the essential tips to help you get the top aircon brands and models for your place of home, office, etc., to beat the heat in Singapore. Get the most required tips for aircon installation in 2022.

Determine the place of aircon (location)

The place of the aircon is of vital importance to install the aircon. Before aircon installation, you should decide which place you need to cool. So, you could research more information based on location. Because the location (area) only decides which size aircon wants to buy for a location. So, you can get expert advice for that to get the appropriate model and size of aircon.

Determine the type of aircon

Before aircon buying (#airconinstallation) you will need to know which type of aircon you want to install. The aircon types are split aircon and Centralized aircon. The aircon type is to be installed based on location (space considered). Typically split type of aircon is enough for households and a Centralized aircon is considered for larger space (Commercial). Is more necessary to choose before an aircon installation and you could get more information about it from experts in Cool Care.

Determine the size of aircon

The suitable size of aircon for the help of less electric, and can easily place a desirable location without any trouble. The size of the aircon can be calculated by BTU. If you are confused about calculating the size, you just hire a professional aircon installation company called Cool Care. Cool Care experts will guide you about it by using proper measurable things so that you could easily get the appropriate size of aircon and brand at Cool Care. 

Determine the best aircon brand in Singapore

These days a lot of aircon brands are selling in the market but the task is you should research which aircon is best in Singapore. These days, Various aircon brands are giving better performance but not all have high energy consumption, current technical features, long durability, etc., So you should analyze the best aircon brands to have in all expected features. 


Here we give the four brands all advantages. such brands are Daikin, Mitsubishi, Midea, and Panasonic. While aircon installation you could buy these ones of the brands for your place to get wanted features. 


In Singapore, the more preferred brand is Daikin and Mitsubishi. Cause, it has inbuilt wifi, long-run usage, high energy consumption, best features, etc., Get such a brand and model with us at a reasonable price. 


Daikin system 2, system 3, and system 4 

View Daikin aircon promotion 

Mitsubishi System 2, System 3, and System 4 

View Mitsubishi aircon promotion 

You could get both brands at the gas R32 & R410 with us. 

Determine which type of gas aircon want to buy

Nowadays R32 becomes a good position instead of R410. R410 is also better but we recommend buying R32 to get a faster refrigerant. 

For R32 

  • GWP of 675 So probably 25% to 30% lower than R410
  • R32 is used up to 15% to 20 % less compared to R410, So that will get efficient cooling and save cost.
  • R32 – Ozone Depletion Potential of 0

For aircon installation, the more preferable gas is R32 compared to R410. 

Determine to buy best Upgraded Materials (#airconinstallation)

The best-upgraded materials are well preferred for aircon installation to get a long durability optimal function. The preferable Aircon materials are : 

  • PVC Drainage pipe -Standard 13mm & Upgradable 16mm
  • Aramflex insulation – ½ & ⅜ insulation (prefer thicker insulation)
  • Electrical Wire3 core 40 wires & 3 core 70 wires (prefer 3 core 70 wires)
  • Copper Pipe – Prefer G22 instead of G23 (G22 is thicker to prevent gas leakage)
  • Brackets – Prefer Stainless

Trunking – Get certified trunking by a professional #airconservice company.

The most required factor before aircon installation :

The required thing to be considered before aircon installation is you should hire a professional aircon service company to get the best aircon installation in Singapore. The professional is well known about the aircon installation method and its process, so can get professional experts and also you could get the best aircon installation at a reasonable price with the best warranty with them. 

We hope you got an idea of the required details for aircon installation. Cool Care is one of the recommended aircon installation companies in Singapore. We have more experienced and trained experts to install the aircon. If you are searching for an aircon installation company in Singapore. Just hire here, hereafter, that we ensure you can get the best installation with the best warranty as you expected.

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