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Top aircon problems signs and How to fix it?

Have you thought about why the aircon is not working or why the aircon gives an issue? It’s all about to happen when you avoid the aircon servicing. The aircon is a must for you & your family’s comfort and health. Just Imagine, If your aircon gives the problem while running the unit, it will be more upset right? and, The main thing you should know is that when you avoid the aircon service, your aircon reduces the capability. Then, you might face a lot of problems by making one mistake. This time to Here, we give more advice to just maintain the aircon servicing properly and stay away from a lot of aircon problems. Hope for a better possible solution to you after reading this blog. 

Top aircon problems signs 

If you avoid aircon service, you can face this mentioned below as a sign of an aircon problem. 

  • Blowing warm air

If your aircon gives ventilation warmth, it may be a reason for more dirt in your aircon unit.

  • Thermistor not working

A thermistor is one of the main parts of the aircon to give the cooling. If the thermistor is not working its reason is not to be properly installed or its parts fault for not done aircon service.  

  • Error code

Error code shows circuit connect loss or fault. The sign of the aircon code is that the aircon needs to be repaired. If your aircon shows an error code, you can solve this issue with professional assistance. 

  • Noise issue 

The noise issue indicates several types of sounds like Humming, Clicking, etc., If your aircon gives a noise issue, it may be made by electrical or Malfunction of the aircon unit. Solve this by getting the assistance of professional experts.

  • Automatically on and off 

If your aircon gives this issue? It probably has a low power connection or the circuit may break. You can have aircon repair by experts.

  • Bad odor

If your aircon is not clean properly, it forms more dirt, then it will store day by day in the unit, then produce to give off a bad odor. This issue may affect health. So you can solve this issue by aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul. 

  • Water leak 

The accumulated dirt will store the way of the drain pipe. Some water while the store is in one place, it will drip outside. then it forms algae and affects aircon performance. You can get assistance from a professionalist and solve this by aircon chemical wash. 

  • Electricity bill high 

If your aircon runs without service, to store more dirt, they automatically reduce their cooling efficiency. If your aircon does not give the cooling, it signs of increasing your electric bill and services your aircon.

The above top signs are common will happening in your aircon when you did not maintain your unit. Other than the above issues that might happen, lose your aircon, lose your spare parts, etc.,  But don’t worry, This is an issue you can solve by professional aircon service company technicians. If your aircon is making any issue or you want to service your aircon just get assistance from a professional. 

CoolCare is here to do aircon repair to save your aircon. The easy way to keep the aircon for long years is by taking yearly aircon servicing contractors or doing 3 to 4 months once aircon servicing.