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Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Air Conditioner

Singapore has many aircon installation contractors because air conditioners are a vital part of life for Singapore region people. Yes, an aircon helps to reduce high temperature in an ambient place. So, Everyone prefers aircon for our places like residential, commercial, etc., But during the installation, we have a chance to make several mistakes. The mistakes definitely did not help to get efficient aircon performance as well make the way of loss of more money. So here we briefly describe the common mistakes to avoid when installing the aircon or while buying an aircon for aircon installation. So that you could get the best aircon functions by avoiding the mistakes. #airconinstallation


1. Do not buy Improper aircon size

A common mistake when installing an Aircon unit is choosing the wrong size. Incorrectly sized air conditioners don’t cool an area effectively, can reduce the dehumidification potential of a room, and wear down the unit sooner than necessary. If you’re unsure of what size you need, consult a professional aircon contractor. A good aircon contractor will take measurements for your home, office, etcThey will know exactly how much cooling capacity your home requires, and make sure to specify the correct size unit. Then you could get efficiently cool as well as avoid high electric bills.


2. Do Not choose wrong position for aircon installation

The best thing when considering the aircon Installation is choosing the correct places for the aircon. If your aircon installs in the wrong place, then it might raise energy efficiency issues and affect the aircon performance. The wrong position of the aircon can give a lot of trouble by not working, increasing the electric bill, loss of money, etc.,  So before an aircon installation, you should take advice from an experienced contractor and install the aircon with their help. #airconinstallationsingapore

3. Failure to Insulate

Aircon refrigerant is insulated on the suction line.  Because, If there is no insulation, the effectiveness of the air conditioner goes down. So the problem happens when the insulation is not done correctly. Do proper and Buy thicker insulation with help of experienced experts to avoid unnecessary issues.

4. Thermistor wrong position

The thermistor setting is vital for aircon installation. But if the thermistor setting is in the wrong position, then you did not get efficient cooling and might get a higher electric bill. And Overworking or higher usage of aircon might fault the thermistor as well. So you should hire a professional contractor for the best aircon installation (correct setting thermistor) and  solve thermistor fault problems too. 

5. Choosing the wrong servicing contractor

Do not choose an inexperienced or unprofessional aircon servicing contractor for aircon installation. Because the unprofessional contractor did not give reliable and quality aircon installation. They have only low-quality materials and did not know the professional installation.So choose the right contractor for aircon installation to get reliable installation at a reasonable price with the best-upgraded aircon materials.

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