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Which aircon is best in Singapore and How we have to choose it ?

In Singapore’s hot Weather conditions we need to install the new aircon or replace our old aircon. But how do you know which aircon is best in Singapore? and why we give more priority to choose current best aircon for our residential or commercial etc.,

The aircon installation is too big an investment, right? However, You think to choose aircon as a more trusted brand and Obviously, You think to buy at a reasonable price right? And If you want to expect to buy the reasonable investment of aircon configuration of the system 1, system 2, system 3, and system 4 of Various BTUs. You can get more comprehensive ideas from this blog by continuity reading below.

Which aircon brand is best in Singapore?

Nowadays so many brands are lead to sell in the Market but some of the brands only have unique top features and are more trusted too. Here we mention the top best brands are DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI, MIDEA, AND PANASONIC. These Four Brands are worth your Investment and you can get a lot of features. The below content mentions extensive aircon brands to help you get to know more about it.


Daikin aircon is a more trusted brand in Singapore. The place of Daikin is the top lead seller in the Market and it is more comfortable for customers to buy at a reasonable Budget. Daikin has two models, the Daikin Ismile Series and Daikin Ismile Eco Series. These two models give a lot of configuration models and features.

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Benefits of Daikin :

  • 5 ticks energy saving 
  • Inbuilt Wifi – (you can control your aircon wherever)
  • Daikin is suitable for home and Commercial
  • Quiet performance 


Mitsubishi aircon is a widely used top reliable aircon brand in Singapore. In this brand, we might get more quality of performance like getting trusted, Optimal, Consistency, etc., Mitsubishi has two models of Mitsubishi electric (star max) and Mitsubishi heavy industries. In Singapore, the model widely used is Mitsubishi electric (star max). Because we may get the best optimal performance in MS(Mitsubishi Starmax) compared to MHI(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries).

Mitsubishi electric aircon promotion

Benefits of Mitsubishi :

  • 5 ticks energy saving 
  • Easy to clean 
  • No maintenance issue in future
  • Mitsubishi is suitable for home and Commercial
  • Quiet performance 


Midea aircon highly recommends brands like Daikin and Mitsubishi. If you are looking for a cheaper cost to get a high-quality aircon. You can choose to choose Midea. Nowadays Midea exports and sells the latest models and features. and,  The Media is focused on giving long time durability performance, energy-saving and eco friendly.

MIdea aircon promotion

Benefits of Midea:

  • 5 ticks energy saving 
  • Affordable price compare to others
  • Eco friendly
  • Midea is suitable for home and Commercial
  • Quiet performance 


Panasonic is a top popular brand in Singapore. and it has many features to make a better life. Panasonic is easy to remove panels, bad odors, dirt, to help it go aircon performance to longevity. Another feature of Panasonic is its comfort, health and unique style.

Panasonic Aircon promotion

  • Nanoe Technologies perform to remove 99% of harmful particles
  • The ECONAVI sensor includes a human activity sensor. It monitors the human moving and sunlight sensor. So that it automatically adjusted the cooling process according to sunlight intensity. 

Benefits of Midea:

  • 5 ticks energy saving 
  • More Comfortable
  • Unique style 
  • Panasonic is suitable for home and Commercial
  • Quiet performance 


  1. select aircon types like  Split or centralized aircon
  2. choose these top aircon brands 
  3. choose the correct BTU size of aircon for your place 
  4. Go for a professional aircon service company to install the aircon
  5. Do a Site Inspection before the installation 

We hope to ensure you know the best aircon and its guide after reading this blog. Cool Care provides these top aircon brands at a reasonable price. If you search for the best aircon brands in your place. Just hire cool care to get what brand, price, and warranty you expect. Thank you !!