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How to choose the best aircon for a home in 2024

If you are just now installing an air conditioner for your home, I hope this article will help you to choose an air conditioner. The technology will be improved and produced in 2023 rather than 2022. There are numerous air conditioner companies in Singapore, although only a few air conditioner brands have been well received by the public. In this article we will see which of them are the best in 2023.

2023 Best Air conditioner : Aircon installation Singapore

There are more than 10 air conditioner brands in Singapore. Let’s see which of them are welcomed by the people.

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Midea
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Gree
  • Sharp
  • Hitachi
  • Fujitsu
  • Samsung

How to choose the best aircon for Home

There are a few steps to choose the best air conditioner for your home and let’s see what they are.

  1. Measure room size
  2. Select your favorite aircon brand 
  3. Choose the outdoor unit for your home
  4. Select indoor unit sizes based on your room size
  5. Check smart specifications 
  6. Compare the price 
  7. Install air conditioner 

1.Measure Room size

If this is your first time installing an air conditioner for your home, the first thing you need to do is plan which rooms you want to air conditioner in and measure the size of that room. This is because the indoor unit will vary depending on the size of the room.

2. How to Select Best Aircon Brand

Singapore is a developed country and air conditioner is the norm here, so all air conditioner brands are available here. There are more than 10 air conditioner brands here, there are a few steps to choose a quality air conditioner, what they are listed below.

  1. Hear public opinion about the company.
  2. Check aircon specifications.
  3. Product review .
  4. Product price.
  5. Check outdoor and indoor unit warranty duration.

3. How to choose the OUTDOOR UNIT

The outdoor door unit (compressor) is the main component of the air conditioner, which cools the air and sends it to the indoor unit. Then spreads throughout the room with the help of a blower.

  • 10m2 to 20m2 –  2.6kW unit should cool the room.
  • 20m2 to 30m2 – 3.5kW unit should cool the room.
  • 30m2 to 45m2 – 5-6kW unit should cool the room.
  • 45m2 to 65m2 – 7-8kW unit should cool the room.

4. How to choose the INDOOR UNIT

Lots of people homw too many doubts. How to choose the indoor unit size? here you will clear all your doubts. Example: if you deside to install the air conditioner for 3 rooms- go with the system3 aircon and choose the outdoor unit size for your rooms size, then choose the indoor unit size using the below table.

indoor unit table

5. Check Smart Specification

Now air conditioner have smart connections it means you can control the air conditioner using the smart phone. example: Daikin i smile series have smart options, first connect the aircon with wifi then connect the aircon using Dsmart (Daikin aircon application) app. after configure the aircon, you can fully control the aircon where you are, through the internet.

what are the smart options available in air conditioner

  • connect with mobile
  • 3D airflow
  • Fan speed control
  • Timer control

6. Price comparison

the airconditioner is a essential appliance of every homes in singapore, so here lots of companies sell the all varient of aircons and brands. but here price is dirfferentiate between the companies. if your buy the aircon with the direct dealers price is less compapre than local companies. and they provides offer and support to claim the warranty in a shortduration.

7. Install the air conditioner with professionals

if you are install the aircon for your home, please hire the professional to install the air conditioner. if you choose the unprofessional Aircon installer, they might be install the wrong manner else damage the pipe and product. we are professional aircon installer, we are certified company for aircon installtion and service. coolcare 5+ years of experience in air conditioner industry, our engineers all are experienced professionals. we support all branded air conditioner with 1 year workmanship warranty.


Why Best aircon is I should buy for my home ?


Choosing the best air conditioning unit for your home is important for several reasons, including:

  1. Energy Efficiency: The best aircon units are designed to operate more efficiently and use less power than traditional units. This means that they can help reduce your electricity bills and minimize your carbon footprint, which is not only good for your wallet but also the environment.  Aircon Promotion 
  2. Comfort: Air conditioning units with advanced features such as multi-stage filtration, dehumidification, and smart controls can provide a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment. They can also help reduce the amount of noise and vibration produced by the aircon unit, which can make your home a more peaceful and relaxing space.
  3. Durability: The best aircon units are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. They also come with longer warranties, which means that you can expect them to last longer and require fewer repairs or replacements over time.
  4. Brand Reputation: Choosing a reputable aircon brand with a proven track record of quality and reliability can give you peace of mind that you are investing in a product that will meet your needs and expectations. You can also expect better customer service and support from a reputable brand. Aircon Installation
  5. Customization: The best aircon units are available in different sizes, capacities, and designs, which means that you can choose one that is best suited to your home and personal preferences. This can help ensure that you get the most out of your aircon unit and that it complements the style and decor of your home.


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In conclusion, buying the best aircon unit for your home can provide numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, comfort, durability, brand reputation, and customization. It is vital to do your research and choose a unit that reach your specific needs and budget.

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