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How to Choose the Best Aircon For My HDB/BTO?

When deciding on the type of aircon to purchase for your HDB/BTO, consider what you are looking for in a unit. If you want to keep the room cool, a higher BTU will be required, but a smaller one will do just as well. Oversized units may not cool the room properly, and could lead to excess moisture. Be sure to consider your needs and what your budget is for your aircon.

The number of rooms per unit is an important factor to consider when selecting the aircon. Different aircon models are best for different rooms. Wall mounted aircon are the best choice if you only need one room cooled, while split models are perfect for multiple rooms. Lastly, if you have a terrace or large living area, a central AC unit is the best option. #airconinstallation 

Next, consider the amount of space you want to cool. You may need to calculate the amount of BTU for the space. You may need to calculate the capacity of each space, which you can do by compiling a list of the spaces. A BTU is a measure of how much heat is removed per hour. The higher the BTU, the more powerful the cooling will be. Make sure the BTU is the right amount for the space, or the room will cool too fast, while too low BTU may make the room too humid. In order to determine how many BTUs you need, measure the room’s square footage, and refer to a BTU chart. Or You can get expert advice to get the right size of BTU aircon for our rooms.

Example :

Room – 9k BTU , Master Bedroom – 12k BTU, Living room – 18kBTU,  If Living large – 24k BTU and Living plus dining – 24k BTU

When choosing an aircon, make sure you know how much you can spend on it. Most aircon systems are expensive, so you should set a reasonable budget. However, you should not spend so little that you don’t end up with the aircon of your dreams! Make sure you select an aircon installation specialist so that it fits in the room and helps you save on electricity costs.

Before purchasing an aircon, read customer reviews of it and other similar units on the Internet. This way, you can determine which model is right for your HDB/BTO. Positive reviews are a good indicator of a good aircon. Read reviews online, in magazines, or in your local directory. In addition, ask friends and family members about their aircon experience. 

Aircon Buying Guide : Aircon Installation Singapore

Important things to consider before aircon installation :

FREE SITE SURVEY : Before aircon installation, you should do a Site Inspection to get the right size of aircon and best brand and reasonable cost, etc., the another think of Free site survey is help to avoid unnecessary troubles while aircon installation, so that we could get efficiency cooling to save electricity and save our cost from aircon troubleshooting.

The above information is more helpful to you when you install the aircon for aircon installation. 

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