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Right Aircon For residential and commercial Spaces in Singapore

Aircon is a must in Singapore to avoid the heat. Every Singaporean prefers air conditioners in their places like home, office, etc., but some of them are more confused about the aircon installation, Like how to find the right aircon for my place, and what factors I should know while buying the aircon, right ? So here we briefly describe the blog of finding the right aircon for your place, so that you could get a basic idea of choosing the best aircon and best aircon installation based on your space.

The aircon you buy should be able to cool down the space well enough. The cooling capacity of aircons differs depending on the size of the space. You can check out the brands in Singapore to choose the best one for your needs. Before purchasing an aircon, you should consider the size, energy efficiency, brand name, warranty and cost. The reviews of the unit will also be a good help.

Choose Energy efficient aircon - 5 Ticks

Before buying an aircon, if your place is anything like home or office, you should choose an energy efficient aircon brand. Because the aircon investment is big, especially in commercial space, you should buy energy-efficient aircon brands and do professional aircon installation, so that you could save more electricity and get efficient cooling.

For residential and commercial, before aircon installation should take expert advice by conducting the site inspection, so that you could get a live suggestion and idea of the brand etc., it will more easy way to know the installation process and get an energy brand, etc.,

Choose best aircon brand

Nowadays Many aircon are selling in the Market based on residential and commercial, so we could easily buy the aircon but before that, we should analyze and buy the best aircon brand like a top brand in Singapore.  Because the best aircon brand is more energy efficient and will have long years of performance, etc., If so, you need to consider the energy efficiency of the unit. Having the right energy efficiency rating will save you money in the long run since you’ll spend less on your electricity bill than you would have otherwise spent. Considering the energy efficiency rating of your aircon is important because you’ll be paying more for electricity if it’s not efficient enough.

So should buy EER (Energy efficient rating) means should buy 5 ticks aircon. It will save electricity and it has many features too etc.,  

Our suggestion top aircon brands are :  Daikin , Mitsubishi , Midea , Panasonic etc., 

These aircon brands have more energy efficient aircon and then it has used many advanced technology  based on user frienldy. 

Aircon has a split and centralized type of aircon based on location, so you could buy the above to indicate the best aircon brand in split and centralized type based on your location.

Choose right indoor unit size

For aircon installation, the aircon size should buy the right size of aircon. To prevent the low cooling issues and avoid installation struggles. And the parts might break down. So should buy the right size of aircon with expert advice.

For example : residential size of aircon 

9k BTU is sufficient for – bedroom 

12k BTU is sufficient for – Master bedroom 

18 BTU is sufficient for – Living room , If living big , then consider 24k BTU

24k BTU is considered for living + dining .

If your place is commercial, you should do a site inspection and get expert advice to find the right size of aircon.

Check Cost

If you’re looking for an air conditioner for your small or large spaces, you should check the cost from one to another. The professional aircon installation company only provides a reasonable cost plus a warranty. So you could engage with them or you can ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors, etc. so that you could easily find a reasonable cost for the aircon.

Note : The right installation saves more money from repair costs, low cooling issues, etc. so you should do professional aircon installation

Hope you could get an idea of finding the right size of aircon for residential and commercial use. These 4 steps are more useful when you decide to find the right aircon for your location. 

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