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Mitsubishi Electric Vs Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Cool Care aircon

Mitsubishi Electric vs Mitsubishi Heavy industries

Mitsubishi aircon is one of the best and preferred brands in Singapore. For many people, the first choice to buy an aircon is Mitsubishi because it has a lot of features and easy maintenance tips. Mitsubishi has two types one is Mitsubishi electric and another is Mitsubishi heavy industry. These two types of aircon have different models, features, and price ratings. So you could easily choose the model and size of aircon based on your location. But some people are confused about these models. Like which is best or which one I should buy. No worries, here we briefly discuss these two models in Mitsubishi . So that you could take an idea of both of them.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi electric is reliable and quality aircon brand. It has many advanced technologies and the latest models.  Mitsubishi is known worldwide as the longest and most trusted aircon brand. It has many new models and systems to get efficient and reliable performance for long years. 

Features :

Quiet performance 

Mitsubishi electric gives smooth and quiet performance even when the unit runs at full capacity.  The aircon gives efficient cooling without any loud noise. 

Complete Smart technology

Mitsubishi electric has advised smart technology features. The smart features help to give easy maintenance and operate the unit.

User friendly models 

The Mitsubishi electric aircon has advised features and so many options to easily control the aircon by yourself. and it enhances the comfort of the user since they will not have to adjust the settings of the aircon service contract company.


The Mitsubishi electric is more durable and easy to maintain. The Mitsubishi electric was not able to be clogged by dirt and dust particles. So they will not easily affect the system and do not heat up easily. So it will be a more durable function for many years.

Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi Heavy industries


Mitsubishi heavy industries have spent decades creating products for heating and cooling that are highly reliable, durable, and smart advanced technology, and are of excellent overall quality. It has higher btu size of aircon and  little difference between on price compared to Mitsubishi electric. Its most suitable for all places like for residential, commercial etc., 

Features :

More realibility 

MHI is a high-quality, reliable and efficient aircon. It will go for long lasting years by doing proper maintain (#airconservice)

High Performance 

Mitsubishi heavy is developed in 1,000 watts function, with energy saving, in that way you could save the cost and get an efficient cooling always. You could get perfect cooling in small & Large spaces

Cost Effective 

The energy efficiency of the MHI aircon has proven to cut costs in your House without sacrificing top performance. Even the non-inverter systems that have less wat rating function and then the same type of unit with higher watts. It helps you to save on your electric bill whether you get an inverter or non-inverter type, as the lower wattage will consume less energy.

Quiet & Smooth 

Mitsubishi heavy is developed in unique design, and its function completely virtual noiseless. Note : You should buy right size of aircon for aircon installation to get efficient cool and avoid noise issue issue while running the unit. And should maintain the aircon properly by aircon servicing to avoid aircon troubles. 

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