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How to Save Electricity with the air conditioner?

The following tips from experts are followed to save electricity in your air conditioner.

  • choose a right aircon unit for your space – when you are choosing a new aircon for your home or office space make sure you need to know right air conditioner for your use for that you get contact with experts for tips and advice before buying because choosing a wrong aircon unit it uses more power consumption.
  • Setting the right temperature to save electricity – during the usage of aircon at night you don’t need the same temperature you are using in the daytime. To use sleep mode setting at night it changing the timer of the aircon to save electricity.
  • Service the unit – do some general service like clean the air filters, condenser coils, evaporator coils, fan motor, etc. poorly maintained aircon unit consumes more electricity so do basic aircon service at frequent intervals to save more electricity.
  • Make well-insulated spacemake sure your space is properly insulated to close all the vents and cracks in your space to make sure there is no air leakage it leads to more energy consumption to insulate the vents to save more electricity.
  • Replace your aircon unit– because the old aircon consumes more electricity compare new aircon. The latest aircon unit comes with an inverter and energy-saving system for low energy consumption. So upgrade to new ones for saving your electricity bill.  
  • use ceiling fan- ceiling fans are used to reduce heat from your space by 4% it circulates cool air throughout the cooling space is quicker for your aircon ceiling fans use less electricity when compared to aircon. So it helps to save more electricity

  • keep the remote away from children– when they are playing with the remote they may change some settings in your aircon like timer, temperature, speed of fan., etc. it consumes more power so make sure child lock always enables in your aircon to save electricity and other repairs and problems.

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