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How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Regular aircon servicing is important for a number of reasons, including efficiency, cost-saving, the low electric bill, etc.,. Regular servicing is also necessary to prevent damage to pipes and improve the aircon lifespan. It’s easy and affordable and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. Here are some reasons to service your air conditioner. Ensure regular servicing to avoid costly repairs and unexpected breakdowns. After reading this blog, you should feel confident in hiring a professional to service your air conditioning system.

What is the service I should consider for my aircon and how often should I do their services?

Nowadays a few services have for aircon to save the aircon and maintain the good performance for long years. In that services are aircon general service, aircon chemical wash, aircon chemical overhaul, aircon gas top up and aircon steam cleaning. These top 5 aircon services should do for aircon and maintain the service based on how often should do.

Because Aircon is more important to us, in particularly, hottest time. So we should maintain the aircon properly and avoid so much of inconvenience issues from the aircon.

services and their time to service the aircon :

  • Aircon general service – 3 month once / Year 
  • Aircon chemical wash – 6 month once / Year
  • Aircon steam cleaning – 4 month once / Year 
  • Aircon chemical Overhaul – Yearly once
  • Aircon Gas top-up – If your refrigerant is low (aircon not cold or volume of usage) – Based on PSI

Every aircon service has a unique identity and performance to save the aircon based on the service. In that mean,

General service – Prevent the major issues before arising in the air conditioner, etc., 

Chemical wash service – Prevent water leaks and Bad odor and also increase cooling efficiency, etc., 

Chemical Overhaul service – Increase aircon life span and balance the quality of the parts for long days, etc., 

Steam wash – Remove 99% of bacteria and will work with eco friendly etc.,

Gas top up – Increase cooling speed and avoid leakages etc., 

Why aircon service is more important? 

Aircon servicing is more important to avoid several issues and could not get unexpectedly parts breakdown, major issues like leagues , bad odor etc.,  so when you skip the aircon service then you might to spend more money to resolve the troubles. The expert advice is should follow the all type of aircon service or atlest consider 3 type of aircon service like normal and chemical (dismantle and without dismantle). We ensure to give guaranteed to get a better aircon performance and also you could save the aircon for long years by following the aircon service.

What is done during the aircon service?

  • Remove the dirt, dust particle, fungus, etc., in the Evaporator coil, Condenser coil, Filter, drainage system (pipe), etc.,
  • Inspect any leakages, gas, air, etc., Basic fundamentals will inspect, and also give a solution when the aircon is affected by major issues.
  • Check piping, circuit board (power consumption), etc.,

Additionally to know more the two points :  Aircon servicing

Regular servicing improves efficiency

Whether it is an AC in your office, home, or car, regular servicing is important to maintain peak performance and reduce energy bills. As air conditioners can lose up to 5 percent of their efficiency each year, regular servicing will keep your AC at peak efficiency. This will save you money on your monthly energy bill, reduce the risk of water leaks, and keep the motors running smoothly. 

It is not expensive

Having your air conditioning serviced at least once a year is important. Even if it does not have any problems, it is best to get a professional to check on it. The cost of the inspection is generally covered by your maintenance agreement. If you notice that your output is lower than expected or your energy bills are higher, you may want to schedule an inspection. You should also have it checked if you are planning to purchase a new home.

Conclusion : 

We hope now you get an idea that why aircon service is vital promoinet and how often should done.  Do all aircon service and maintain your aircon. If you are the person to follow up services, then you’ll enjoy the cooling from the hot and save the cost of troubleshooting.

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