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Benefits of Aircon chemical overhaul service & Price Details

A chemical overhaul is crucial for customers who have not done air conditioner service for more than 1 year. Dust and dirt will form inside the air conditioner and affect the airflow and temperature.
By using chemical overhaul each part will be cleaned and repaired. The Aircon chemical overhaul will remove dirt, coils, dust, stains in the air conditioner after chemical overhaul was done, the lifetime of the air conditioner will be increased.

Benefits of aircon chemical overhaul

  • Well airflow
  • Neat environment for a healthier living
  • Cooling speed is improved like a new
  • Leaking water issues are solved
  • Prevent corrosion
  • the performance will be increased
  • bad smell problem will be destroyed

To ensure correct working, the fan blades, blower wheel, & tubes should be cleaned with sufficient chemicals. After cleaning, the technician will reinstall all the parts to ensure effective ventilation. Choosing only a good specialist while cleaning the coil will make sure that there is no chemical remaining on it that causes corrosion

Aircon Chemical wash Price
unit count price (per/unit)
1 unit $70
2 unit $120
3 unit $180
4 unit $240