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Guide for aircon piping installation

Are you planning  to replace your aircon pipe or purchase a new aircon in your place? Aircon Piping Installation is usually covered in aircon Installation. Aircon pipes are confronted with excessive stress on a near-each-day basis, and over time, can extensively degrade because of the extreme stress. So we have to put money into a quality air con pipe as it`is capable of resisting and facing up to this stress. The professional aircon servicing company uses the best quality upgraded material for aircon Installation, It consists of copper and water pipe, etc. Meanwhile, If you pick the local air con pipe for Installation, You might face issues are aircon Leakage and different kinds of aircon issues. So whilst making a decision to do the rechanging air con pipe or New aircon Installation, Should take advice from experts for aircon piping replacement and aircon installation. Cause professional aircon service company only have experienced expert and quality materials. Here we discuss about to more piping installation guide.

Why is aircon Piping is more prominent?

The aircon consists of two connections like a Fan coil and a Compressor. and  Copper pipes are used to connect these two. The refrigerant is sent to the compressor of the outdoor unit, compressed and returned to the indoor unit. If  the air conditioner piping is assumed to be improper, then leak problems will occur and  the cooling mode will be reduced. Such problems are caused by  poor quality and poor installation of aircon piping. Here’s how a professional aircon service company can avoid  such unreasonable troubles.

Quality Upgrade Materials for Aircon Piping Installation :

  • Armaflex Insulation
  •  Copper Pipe 
  • Water Pipe 
  • Cable and Electrical Wire
  •  Aircon Trunking 

The above-mentioned metals are used for piping installation in aircon. Here we briefly describe the use of materials and where we find good and high-quality materials. 

Aircon Piping Installation Guide : Singapore 

  • 1. Armaflex Insulation

The experts say aircon installation should use thicker insulation. Why thicker insulation ? It strongly absorbs the condensation from the water pipes.  Insulation Has ½ in Armaflex and ⅜ Armaflex. And you might have seen the term “ ½ inch Armaflex insulation Class 1” or “1/2 inch Armaflex insulation class 0”. This class shows the flame retardancy of this insulation. To be honest, there is no difference in the quality of the materials in the Aircon installation. So, you don’t have to spend too much attention.

2. Copper Pipe 

If the air conditioner is facing a gas leak problem, the entire condensing unit or the air conditioner line needs to be replaced. There are two models of copper pipe, “SWG22 copper pipe and G22 copper pipe”. Since the G22 copper pipe is thick, there is little gas leakage. This is because it can withstand the pressure of the refrigerant well.

3. Water Pipe 

Water pipes are very important  for the installation of air conditioners. These used water pipes do not have their own brand. Normally, only two sizes, 13mm / 16mm, are used for HDB. A better choice is to be able to choose a larger size of mm.  It allows water  to flow better without causing drainage problems.

4. Cable and Electrical 

Cables and wires are one of the most important components when installing an air conditioner. Choose from Singapore brands such as Sigma Wire and Keystone Wire. And you can use another from 3C70. A 3-core cable with 70 cable standards for each cable is called 3C70.

5. Aircon Trunking 

Air conditioning trunking is used to cover all air conditioning equipment materials. The brand and type of trunking don’t matter. The type of trunking used depends on the brand that the air conditioner installer is familiar with. Aircon Installation materials are concealed in landed and condo property so you will not see landed or condo property during aircon Installation. But aircon trunking is usually more visible in apartments. 

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