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Daikin aircon error code details | Aircon repair

Does your Daikin aircon show an Error Code? Are you worried about the error code issue? No worries, Here we mention what kind of error code possibly arises from your Daikin aircon, and what the meaning has on the error codes. Because, when you find the error code details and their meaning, then you can easily know what the problem arises from the error codes. And also you may easily solve it too.


NoError CodeMalfunction 
1A1A1 Indicated – PCB Does Not Work 
2A3A3 Indicate – Drain Level might be High (Due to more dirt and dust)
3A5A5 Indicate – Overheat or Freezing in Indoor unit (Due to dirt in short circuit or Trouble with Sensor)
4A6A6 Indicate – Fan Motor Error (Due to Improper connection or Overloaded)
5A7A7 Indicate – Swing Flap Fan Motor Error (Maybe Fault or Loose connection)
6AHAH indicate – Dust Collector Error (Maybe Fault or Dirtier)
7AJAj Indicate – Capacity Setting Error (Might be addressed setting Fault)
8C3C3 Indicate – Abnormal Water level sensor resistance (Might be water level sensor disconnected or Fault)
9C4C4 Indicate – Abnormal Resistance level of indoor heat thermistor  (Due to thermistor disconnect or short-circuited)
10C9C9 Indicate – The resistance of the indoor unit suction air thermistor is abnormal  (Due to disconnection cable or short-circuited)
11CECE Indicate – Abnormal radiation thermistor resistance (Due to Fault Thermistor or disconnected Cable)
12CJCJ Indicate – Abnormal remote controller thermistor resistance (The built-in remote has encountered a faulty.)
13E0E0 Indicate – Outdoor unit protection devices activated (Might be refrigerant piping clogged or Insufficient refrigerant. /  Fault compressor or Fan motor)
14E3E3 Indicate – High pressure to high (The condenser may sort circuit or overloaded)
15E4E4 Indicate – Low Pressure to High (The refrigerant piping might be clogged or insufficient refrigerant)
16E5E5 Indicate – Overheating of Compressor (The refrigerant piping might be clogged or insufficient refrigerant or Fault connection)
17F3F3 Indicate – Outdoor unit discharge temperature is too high (The refrigerant piping might be clogged or insufficient refrigerant or Thermistor Fault)
18H9H9 Indicate – Abnormal resistance of the outdoor air temperature thermistor (Thermistor might be Fault or Cable disconnection)
19J5J5 Indicate – Abnormal resistance of the suction pipe temperature thermistor (The pipe thermistor might be fault or thermistor short circuit)
20J6J6 Indicate – Abnormal resistance of the outdoor heat exchanger thermistor (Faulty thermistor or cable disconnected)
21P1P1 Indicate – Open Phase power Voltage Imbalance (three-phase)
22U0U0 Indicate – Suction pipe temperature is too high (the refrigerant piping system may Fault )
23U1U1 Indicate – Reverse Phase (Three Phase power supply has been reversed)
24U2U2 Indicate – Open Phase or Power Voltage Imbalance (Voltage Imbalance in the power supply or Fan Motor Could be too low)
25U4U4 – Indicate – Communication error between indoor and outdoor units/outdoor and BS units (Interconnection wire or PCB Fault)
26U5U5 Indicate –  Communication error between indoor unit and remote controller (Interconnection wire or PCB Fault (remote controller)
27UAUA Indicate –  Combination error of indoor/BS/outdoor unit, setting error of PCB at the site (Incorrect combination of indoor or Outdoor unit)

The above-mentioned error code details all indicate some issues in the aircon. If your Daikin aircon shows an error code, You should do aircon repair (Troubleshooting) with a professional aircon repair service company. Cool Care will do aircon troubleshooting with the help of experienced technicians.

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